What Does Male Nipple Piercing Mean? (Meaning and Tips)

Last Updated on February 24, 2022

If you are considering getting a male nipple piercing, you may be wondering what it means. This type of piercing is becoming more and more popular, but there is still some mystery surrounding it.

In this blog post, we will discuss the meaning behind male nipple piercings and what they symbolize. We will also provide some tips for taking care of your new piercing!


What Does Male Nipple Piercing Mean?

A male nipple piercing is often associated with sexuality and masculinity, but that doesn’t have anything to do with what they mean! The meaning behind any type of body modification should come from within you and be personal to your own experience. That being said, here are some of the things that people often associate with male nipple piercings:







These are just a few examples, so find what resonates with you and go for it!

Nipple piercings can be a fun way to express your masculinity and power. Just make sure you take care of them properly so they don’t become infected! Follow the tips we’ve mentioned in this blog post and you should be good to go.

Do Nipple Piercings Hurt?

If you’re a guy and want to get your nipples pierced, there’s no reason not to. It doesn’t hurt as much as some people think it does! Just remember that when getting any type of body modification done, always make sure the piercer is licensed. This will ensure your safety and the integrity of their work.

How Long Do They Take To Heal?

Male nipple piercings are relatively quick to heal, but you must be careful not to bump or twist them while they’re healing. It’s also important that when showering with a fresh piercing, keep it covered with plastic wrap so soap residue doesn’t cause irritation.

Ideal Length for Nipple Bars

If you are looking for a nipple bar, the ideal length is anywhere from 12-16mm. This will help keep your piercing healthy and free of infection! Remember to only use jewelry made from surgical grade steel to avoid any irritation or allergic reactions.

How Often Should You Clean Them?

It’s recommended that you clean your piercings at least twice a day with an antibacterial solution such as water and salt spray or saline water mixed with either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. This will help prevent infection and keep it healthy!

What If They Get Infected?

If you notice redness and swelling around your piercing, it’s likely that it has become infected. In this case, we recommend seeing a doctor as soon as possible so they can prescribe antibiotics or other treatment methods to clear up any infection before it gets worse! It’s also important to keep the area clean by washing twice daily with warm water and soap.

How Much Do Nipple Piercings Cost?

The cost of a nipple piercing will vary depending on where you get it done and how much work needs to be done. While some places may charge up to $500 per hole, others might only run about $150-$200 each! The price is also dependent on whether or not the piercer uses jewelry made from surgical grade steel; this material tends to be more expensive than other types of metal because it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin.

Do Nipple Piercings Make Your Nipples Hard Forever?

No, nipple piercings do not make your nipples hard forever. The pierced nipples may be slightly harder than the non-pierced ones due to the fact that they are constantly being stimulated. However, after a while the sensation will lessen and they will return to their normal state.

Are plastic nipple bars Safe?

Yes, good quality plastic nipple bars are safe to wear. The plastic used in our nipple bars is made of medical grade polypropylene and has been tested by an independent laboratory for biocompatibility.

What Are the Different Types of Nipple Piercings?

There are many different types of nipple piercings, but some of the most popular ones include: -Nipple shields -Vertical nipples piercings -Horizontal nipple piercings -Double pierced nipples

What is a Shield Piercing?

A shield piercing involves the placement of jewelry through the areola and out one side of it. This type of piercing is often used to create symmetrical designs on both sides or just accentuate an existing tattoo design! It’s also called “shielding” because the jewelry used in this piercing resembles a shield.

What is a Vertical Nipple Piercing?

A vertical nipple piercing goes straight through the nipple from top to bottom. It’s one of the most popular types of piercings and can be quite striking when done correctly!

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