What Does A Ring On A Necklace Mean? (Understanding the Meaning)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

For practical reasons, people often feel that wearing rings on their necklaces makes them feel safer and more secure than having them in their fingers or hands. This is because they don’t have to worry about the ring slipping off during swimming, lifting weights, or even playing sports. 

To discover other reasons why people are wearing a ring on their necklace, check out this article as we answer some of the frequently asked questions on this topic.

  • What does a ring on a chain mean?
  • How do you wear a pendant ring?
  • What is the symbol of a ring?
  • Is it safe to wear an engagement ring on a necklace?
  • What do three rings on a necklace mean?
  • What does a two circle necklace mean?


What Does A Ring On A Necklace Mean?

The most common explanation for why people wear a ring on a necklace is practicality. A necklace is easier to wear than a ring and can also be worn with more clothing options. However, listed below are some other reasonable explanations for such a trend. 

Practicality and Convenience

For men and women working in a profession where they may need to remove their rings periodically, it’s convenient to wear them on a necklace. 

These professions may include doctors and nurses who need to remove their rings before treating patients, construction workers wearing gloves, or chefs working in hot kitchens. It also prevents the ring from getting lost or damaged.


Rings on necklaces are often seen as fashion statements as they can be worn as pendants. It can also go well with any outfit as it is a very versatile type of jewelry.

Weight Gain

Sometimes a person gains weight, and their ring can no longer fit on the finger. However, this does not mean they’ll have to get rid of it forever. Many women wear rings as pendants around their neck to show off the ring without having an uncomfortable tightness around their fingers due to their weight gain.


Rings can often be given as gifts or passed down through families as heirlooms. If a ring is too delicate to be worn on a finger, it can be placed on a necklace and will still be accessible to the wearer.


Rings can also be placed on necklaces as a way to remember loved ones who have passed away. This allows the wearer to keep the ring close to their heart and always remember their loved one.

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What Does A Ring On A Chain Mean?

For youngsters, it’s a more sophisticated version of wearing a boyfriend’s ring on a chain, which means being together. It’s usually the man who gives his girl a ring on a chain as a gift and symbol of their relationship.

How Do You Wear A Pendant Ring?

There are no set rules, but typically people wear a pendant ring on a necklace by threading the chain or cord through the ring’s hole.

The ring is then placed on the necklace at a specific point, depending on where you want it to hang. Typically people put their pendant rings at the neckline of their top or dress. Sometimes they wear them much lower to be visible under their clothes.

What Is The Symbol Of A Ring?

Rings are the symbol of infinity because they are never-ending circles. They have no beginning or end and symbolize everlasting love, commitment, devotion, and fidelity.

In the present times, rings are considered the most important symbols of marriage and love. During a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange rings, signifying their eternal love for each other.

Today, rings are commonly worn as jewelry pieces, with different designs and gemstones used to make them more attractive. 

Is It Safe To Wear An Engagement Ring On A Necklace?

Generally, it is safe to wear your engagement ring on a necklace; however, it should not be done all the time.

Engagement rings are often made of diamonds and other expensive gems prone to scratches and dents, especially when worn daily. Thus, wearing the ring on a necklace would be an excellent way to keep the ring safe.

What Do Three Rings On A Necklace Mean?

The three rings are a Christian Orthodox custom dating from the nineteenth century. They symbolize the Holy Trinity, with The Son, The Father, and The Holy Ghost depicted by the three rings. It is also called the trinity ring and is now popular as engagement rings or wedding bands.

What Does A Two Circle Necklace Mean?

The two circles on a necklace represent strong bonds, like friendship and love. They are a visual symbol of how two people can link together in an unbreakable way. They share important things with them, even if they are not together.

This unbreakable bond could be shared between a mother and child, two friends, or a husband and wife. The two circles can also represent the infinite nature of love.

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