What Is The 1972 Half-Dollar Value?

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

The 1972 half dollars are also known as the Kennedy half-dollar. These coins don’t have much of a high value, be it in circulated or uncirculated conditions. That is why you must not expect to get hundreds of dollars for these coins. 

So, if you want to know more about the 1972 half-dollar value, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know. 


What Is The 1972 Half-Dollar Value?

If you have the 1972 half-dollar in average condition, then it will only be worth 50 cents. But, on the other hand, if you have one in mint condition, it can be worth more than $2.50. That is because there is no silver content in these coins. 

Besides that, this dollar also doesn’t have any mint mark, and more than 153,000,000 of these coins were produced. That is why most of these coins will only be worth their face value. Of course, it also depends on the condition. 

Here is the value of the 1972 half-dollar based on various grades:

  • MS65: Between $12 and $20
  • MS64: Between $5 and $9
  • MS63: Between $2 and $4
  • MS62: Between $2 and $3

We recommend that you check the condition and grade of your coin, as that will help you understand the value. These values are also subject to supply, demand, and many other market factors. 

Who Designed The 1972 Half-Dollar?

All coins are designed by certain people to showcase the importance of the coin. The reverse side of the 1972 half-dollar was designed by Frank Gasparro. On the other hand, the obverse side was designed by Gilroy Roberts. 

These coins were an immediate hit as many mourning Americans wanted to get their hands on these coins. That is why they also became a souvenir for many people. Because of such high circulation, the coin is not worth more than its face value. 

What Is The On The Obverse Side Of The 1972 Half-Dollar?

The obverse side of the 1972 half-dollar includes a portrait of President John F. Kennedy. He is surrounded by the word “Liberty” around the edge of the coin. Besides that, on both sides of the portrait, the phrase “In God We Trust” surrounds it. 

Finally, the date of these coins is written at the bottom. If there is a mintmark on your coin, you will find it on the right side of Kennedy’s neck. The mintmark depends on the series. 

What Is On The Reverse Side Of The 1972 Half-Dollar?

The reverse side of the 1972 half-dollar includes a heraldic eagle. This eagle is holding arrows and a branch of olive leaves. It will also have a complete circle of stars around its head. 

There will also be the words “United States of America” around its periphery. When you notice all these features, it means that the half-dollar is real. You must carefully look for all these features to ensure the authenticity of the half-dollar you own. 

What is The 1972-D No FG Kennedy Half-Dollar Worth?

The 1972-D No FG Kennedy Half-Dollar is one of the top varieties from this series of coins. A half-dollar of this series in circulated conditions will be worth around $275. Besides that, the coin in uncirculated condition and a grade of MS60 will be worth more than $400. 

If you get your hands on these coins, you can easily sell them for a few hundred dollars. It is crucial to choose the right dealer or collector to sell the coin. These professionals will give you the best value for these coins, and you will get a fair price. 

What is The Rarest Kennedy Half-Dollar?

One of the rarest Kennedy dollars that have been sold for a high value is the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar. This coin was sold for more than $108,000, making it one of the most expensive coins to be sold of this type. It was sold during a public auction in the USA in 2019. 

The auction was held by Heritage Auctions. If you want to buy or sell rare coins, you must opt to check out such auctions. These auctions sometimes sell coins for hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is why they are the perfect place for coin collectors. 

Where Can I Cash In Half-Dollar Coins?

You can exchange your half-dollar coins at the bank. You could ask the bank teller if the coins you have were newly minted before you exchange them for cash. You can also trade-in cash for coin rolls at the bank. 

You can contact the local banks in your region and then visit to exchange your money for rolls of half dollars. If you don’t have an account at the bank you are visiting, you can bring cash to trade for the coin rolls without a hassle. 

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