What Is The Meaning Of The Creation Of Adam Tattoo? Understanding the Meaning

Last Updated on February 7, 2022

While many people think a tattoo is not religious, there are spiritual and religious people who get tattoos to signify different things. The creation of Adam tattoo is one such tattoo that is highly popular among people with a strong faith. So, if you are thinking of getting this tattoo, you must understand the meaning behind it.

Here is everything you need to know about the meaning of the creation of Adam tattoo. It will help you make the right decision as you figure out if it is the right tattoo for what you need.

What Is The Meaning Of The Creation Of Adam Tattoo?

The creation of Adam tattoo involves two hands and one is reaching out to the other to touch it. The right arm is that of God and the left arm is that of Adam. The right arm stretches towards the left because it symbolizes the spark of life that God gave to Adam when creating him.

On the other hand, the left arm of Adam is stretched towards God and it is the exact copy of God’s hand. This symbolizes that God has created man in his image. Many people get tattoos to symbolize these meanings and feel a connection to God.

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What Has Michelangelo Got To Do With The Creation Of Adam Tattoo?

Michelangelo and the creation of Adam tattoo go hand in hand. That is because the tattoo is also a tribute to Michelangelo. Many people also get the creation of Adam to pay a tribute to this incredible painter.

The Sistine Chapel is a work of art and you will also find the creation of Adam in that work of art. So, many people also take this tattoo to be a work of art by the genius Michelangelo.

Why Did Michelangelo Paint The Creation of Adam?

We all know that Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. During this time, he was in Rome and he was working on the Pope Julius II tomb. Michelangelo took inspiration from many sources to create the Sistine chapel artwork.

That is when he also took inspiration from the Book of Genesis and the Bible to make the creation of Adam. The verse that reflects this painting is “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him.” (Gen 1:27). So, the creation of Adam is a reflection of this verse.

What Do Adam And Eve Symbolize?

It is important to understand the symbolic nature of Adam and Eve. He is a symbol of the heavenly spirit that was later sent down on Earth. On the other hand, Eve symbolizes the human soul, the serpent symbolizes the attachment to the human world, and the tree of knowledge symbolizes the material world.

That is why the fall of Adam symbolizes that humanity became conscious of good and evil. All of this is also represented in the creation of Adam tattoo. That is because you can’t separate the tattoo from the context within which it was made.

What Is The Hidden Symbol In The Creation of Adam?

The creation of Adam painting by Michelangelo contains a hidden symbol that many people don’t know about. The symbol is a brain shape outlined by the billowing shroud of God. While Michelangelo did not provide meaning for what this is, many people give out their own interpretations about this hidden symbol.

For example, according to most people, the message of this hidden symbol is that of consciousness. The symbol represents the fact that consciousness is the best gift that a creator can give to its creation. After all, consciousness is what separates us from other beings on our planet.

What Is The Cost Of A Creation Of Adam Tattoo?

The cost of a creation of Adam tattoo depends on where you want it and how big do you want it to be. For example, many people go for a minimalist creation of Adam tattoo and that does not cost more than $100 or $200 if you want it to be more detailed. On the other hand, if you want a big tattoo on your back or arm, it will cost you more.

That is why you should consult with your tattoo artist and let them know what you need. Once you do, the tattoo artist will give you an accurate price of exactly what you need. It will help you set the right budget.