When Does Zales Have Sales in 2022?

Last Updated on February 14, 2022

Zales has become a well-known name within the diamond industry. With exceptional sales and a robust inventory of clearance items, Zales is an excellent choice for shoppers looking for fine jewelry at an affordable price.

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming sales and promotional events Zales offers throughout 2022:

When Does Zales Have Sales?

Zales has sales throughout the year, with some of the best deals happening around:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas

Make sure to check for sales at Zales around major holidays.

Does Zales Have Flash Sales?

Yes, Zales often has flash sales. Be sure to enroll in the Zales newsletter and receive flash sale alerts right to your inbox.

How Often Does Zales Have Sales?

Zales has sales throughout the year. A typical sale at Zales happens once per quarter around a major holiday.

What Items Does Zales Include During Sales?

Zales sales include different items depending on the sale. Items may include Valentine’s Day gifts or engagement jewelry.

When Does Zales Have the Best Sales?

Zales offers exceptional sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What is the Best Sale at Zales?

Zales offers a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale for exceptional savings.

What is the Best Way to Find Sales at Zales?

Be sure to follow Zales on social media and sign up for the Zales newsletter to hear about upcoming sales events.

How Much Can You Save During a Zales Sale?

Zales customers can expect to receive discounts of up to 25% on select items and may be able to save even more during special closeout sales.

Does Zales Have Pre-Black Friday Sales?

Yes. Make sure to shop Zales in the weeks leading up to Black Friday for additional sales and early-bird deals.

Does Zales Have Memorial Day Sales?

Yes, Zales has a Memorial Day weekend sale which typically offers a 15-25% discount on select items.

Does Zales Have Cyber Monday Sales?

Yes. The Zales Cyber Monday Sale is one of the best sales opportunities with the retailer.

Does Zales Have Black Friday Sales?

Yes, Zales offers Black Friday sales.

Does Zales Have Valentine’s Day Sales?

Yes, Zales offers a Valentine’s Day sale with offers of up to 25% off select items.

What is the Zales Buy More, Save More Sale?

Customers shopping with Zales can earn up to $750 off a qualifying purchase while shopping the Zales Buy More, Save More sale.

When is the Zales Bridal Sale?

The Zales Bridal Sale happens at different times each year. Past Bridal Sale events have happened in March, June, and October.

Does Zales Have a Closeout Sale?

Yes, the Zales Closeout Sale has deals of up to 70% off select items.

Does Zales Have Sales on Clearance Items?

Yes. Customers shopping with Zales can shop clearance items and receive additional discounts throughout the year.

Does Zales Have a Newsletter Discount?

Yes, Zales offers $50 off a purchase of $300 or more, plus exclusive discounts and promotions to customers who join the Zales newsletter.

Does Zales Have a Student or Educator Discount?

No, Zales does not offer a student or educator discount.

Does Zales Have Birthday Promotions?

Customers who are Zales Diamond Card cardholders will receive a $50 coupon and free shipping on their birthday.

Does Zales Have a Military Discount?

Yes. Military service members receive a 10% discount from Zales.

Can First Responders Receive a Discount from Zales?

First responders may be eligible to receive additional discounts from Zales.

Does Zales Have Free Shipping?

Customers can receive free shipping if they opt to have their order shipped to a local Zales store.

Does Zales Have Free Shipping Codes?

Yes, Zales offers free shipping codes, as well as sales that include free shipping.

Does Zales Have Special Offers?

Yes, Zales has special offers. Be sure to check the Zales Special Offers page for the latest deals.

Does Zales Have an Outlet Store?

Yes, the online Zales Outlet store offers deals of up to 60% off items.

Does Zales Have a Free Gift Promotion?

No, Zales does not offer a free gift with purchase promotion.

Can Zales Coupons and Discounts be Combined?

No, coupons and discounts cannot be combined at Zales.

What Other Promotions Does Zales Offer?

Zales offers additional promotions to help customers save even more on some of their most popular items.

The Zales Diamond Credit Card

Frequent shoppers with Zales can earn even more by applying for the Zales Diamond Credit Card and receive additional perks including:

  • Free shipping
  • Birthday coupon
  • Discounted jewelry repair
  • Exclusive offers

First-Time Buyer Discount

Customers shopping with Zales for the first time can receive $50 off their first purchase of $300 or more.

How to Save Even More at Zales?

Zales has a wide range of sales and promotional events throughout the year. Here are a few extra ways to save money at Zales:

Shop the Zales Outlet

The online Zales Outlet offers amazing discounts of up to 60% off.

Join the Zales Newsletter

Share your email with Zales and receive a $50 coupon to use on a purchase of $300 or more.

Shop Clearance Items at Zales

Explore the large inventory of Zales clearance items that are listed at a fraction of the original price.

Check the Zales Special Offers Page

Be sure to check the Zales Special Offers page for a list of current promotions and sales.

Sign Up for the Zales Diamond Credit Card

Customers who qualify for the Zales Diamond Card will receive additional discounts and savings.

Ready to Make the Most of Sales at Zales?

Customers shopping with Zales will be pleasantly surprised to see just how many sales opportunities arise throughout the year. Be sure to sign up for the Zales newsletter and shop around the holidays to get the greatest savings from Zales.