Is Whiting & Davis Jewelry Real?

Last Updated on March 30, 2022

Whiting & Davis is a well-known handbag and jewelry retailer specializing in top-quality brass metal mesh designs. Founded in 1876, the company has a well-known reputation for selling luxurious handbags.

And while Whiting & Davis has made a name for itself in the handbags industry, shoppers might be wondering: Is Whiting Davis jewelry real?

We’ll take a look at the quality of Whiting Davis jewelry, as well as:

  • Is Whiting & Davis a good company?
  • Is Whiting & Davis jewelry good quality?
  • What makes Whiting & David unique?
  • What jewelry does Whiting & Davis stock?
  • Does Whiting & Davis use real gold?
  • Is Whiting & Davis jewelry considered vintage?
  • Is Whiting & Davis jewelry valuable?

Let’s get started by addressing the number one question asked about Whiting & Davis jewelry:


Is Whiting & Davis Jewelry Real?

Whiting & Davis is one of the oldest fine jewelry retailers in the industry. Founded in 1876, the company is well-known for its signature mesh designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Is Whiting & Davis a Good Company?

Whiting & Davis is considered one of the most well-respected retailers in the handbag and jewelry industry and is recognized for its classic craftsmanship.

What is Whiting & Davis Known For?

Whiting & Davis is known for its unique metal mesh handbags, fashion accessories, and jewelry. The retailer is a staple in the high-fashion community.

What Makes Whiting & Davis Unique?

Whiting & Davis offers a timeless and classic look using a dynamic sheet design resulting in truly unique jewelry. 

Is Whiting & Davis Jewelry Good Quality?

Yes, Whiting & Davis produces good-quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

Is Whiting & Davis Jewelry Expensive?

Whiting & Davis jewelry is relatively affordable with items ranging from $35 to $328.

Does Whiting & Davis Have a Large Collection of Jewelry?

Compared to other jewelry retailers, Whiting & Davis has a modest collection of items. 

What Jewelry Does Whiting & Davis Stock?

Whiting & Davis stocks a small collection of jewelry items, including:

  • Crystal bracelets
  • Mesh bangles
  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets

Does Whiting & Davis Jewelry Use Real Gold?

Yes, Whiting & Davis uses 18K gold mesh on a base of sterling silver to create dynamic pieces of jewelry. 

What Are Whiting & Davis Bracelets Made Of?

Whiting & Davis bracelets are gold plated and feature beautiful gemstones.

What Are Whiting & Davis Bangles Made Of?

Bangles from Whiting & Davis are made from solid brass with rhodium or gold plating and feature beautiful crystals. 

Is Jewelry From Whiting & Davis Made in China?

Whiting & Davis manufactures its jewelry in the United States. However, many counterfeit items are made in China.

Does Whiting & Davis Have a Unique Hallmark Stamp?

Yes! Authentic Whiting & Davis jewelry will feature the Whiting & Davis hallmark stamp.

Is Whiting & Davis Jewelry Considered Vintage?

Whiting & Davis jewelry is considered timeless and classic. Because the retailer has such a rich history doing business, some pieces are considered truly vintage. 

Who Should Buy Jewelry From Whiting & Davis?

Shoppers looking for unique yet timeless jewelry will enjoy the modest collection from Whiting & Davis.

Is Whiting & Davis Jewelry Valuable?

Vintage jewelry from Whiting & Davis can be considered quite valuable depending on the item. 

Does Whiting & Davis Jewelry Come With a Warranty?

No. Unfortunately, Whiting & Davis does not offer a warranty on any of its jewelry items. 

Does Whiting & Davis Ship Internationally?

Yes, Whiting & Davis ships internationally for a small fee. 

Does Whiting & Davis Offer Free Shipping?

Whiting & Davis orders over $100 are eligible to receive free shipping if delivered within the United States. 

Is Whiting & Davis Jewelry Worth Buying?

Purchasing a piece of jewelry from Whiting & Davis can be a great opportunity for shoppers who enjoy classic-style jewelry with expert craftsmanship. Additionally, Whiting & Davis jewelry is reasonably affordable, while vintage pieces can be considered quite valuable. 

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