Who Owns Emery Rose? (Surprising Answer Revealed)

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Finding good websites to buy clothes online might be difficult, especially if you’re looking for unique pieces. With their surprisingly low costs, all of the components you desire are easily accessible with Emory Rose.


Customers can purchase fashionable, seasonal attire at a low price, according to Emory Rose. But who is this company, and do they have a good reputation?


Who Owns Emery Rose?

Zoetop Business Co., the parent company of Shein, owns Emery Rose, another fast fashion site that sports a similar design aesthetic. Emery Rose’s apparel is made at SHEIN’s factories according to its standards and sells part of it in your store on a confidential basis.


At the same time, Emery Rose, provided with items to sell, has her own online business dedicated to selling in the United States. As a result, consumers who buy from Emery Rose’s website receive goods directly from China.

What Is Emery Rose Clothing?

Emery rose clothing is an online store that sells women’s apparel, shoes, accessories, and other fashion items in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors on their website. Their incredibly low costs and a huge range of contemporary collections make them very accessible to everyone.


Emery Rose is a worldwide B2C business that focuses on the United States. The main purpose of this fashion shop is to provide current designs that are appropriate for people of all ages. Because it provides significant discounts on nearly all its goods, it becomes increasingly popular quickly.

Where Are Emery Rose Clothing Made?

Emery Rose’s clothing is made at SHEIN’s factories in China, which are required to meet the company’s standards. However, because Emery Rose is a US-based company, the items are shipped directly from China to customers in the United States.


The majority of SHEIN’s factories are in Guangzhou, China. Chris Xu, the creator of SHEIN, is a Chinese entrepreneur who runs his company from Nanjing, China. SHEIN’s main focus is on customers in Australia, Europe, and the United States, despite being a Chinese business.

Where Is the Company Emery Rose Located?

Emery Rose’s items are available through the Shein Distribution Corporation, which is based in Los Angeles and Singapore. As a result, their apparel is nearly indistinguishable from that offered on SHEIN’s eCommerce site.

Is Emery Rose Really Legit?

According to the scam detector, the Emery Rose website is not trustworthy. However, following a thorough study of their varied reviews and reading their terms, conditions, policies carefully, our experts believe that the site is trustworthy.


Even though some consumers have dubbed the website an unmitigated scam, Emery rose clothing has received 4.2 out of 5 ratings. According to most of the internet comments, Emery Rose has poor customer service, delayed delivery, and refunds, but it isn’t a fraudulent or a scam store.

How Long Does It Take To Get Orders From Emery Rose?

After payment, the warehouse needs 1-3 days to process the order. The firm will then do everything possible to deliver the package as quickly as possible. However, due to invalid addresses and customs clearance issues, additional time may be required.

Is Emery Rose a Good Company?

Let’s look into whether or not ‘Emery Rose’ is an ethical brand. According to SHEIN, its suppliers and manufacturers around the world are obligated to follow all environmental regulations. Forced labor, child labor, slavery labor, and penal servitude were just a few of the rules.


SHEIN claims to have a strong and transparent approach for labor rights, safe working conditions, and corporate social responsibility. According to SHEIN’s official website, the company supports all seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Despite SHEIN’s assertions to the contrary, there is no assurance that it pays its employees a decent wage and provides them with an acceptable workplace environment that is not too dangerous. It also squeezes its employees hard and does not comply with China’s labor regulations.


So whether Emery Rose is a good or bad company is still up for debate. Despite their promises, we can’t say for sure whether or not they are an ethical brand.

How To Contact Emery Rose?

Unfortunately, they did not list any contact information on their website. The only way to reach out to them is through their online form.

What Are People Saying About Emery Rose?

Some people are quite pleased with Emery Rose’s clothing items, while others have had negative experiences with the company. There are a few people who say that the company’s customer service is unresponsive and that they have had to wait a long time for their refunds.


A number of people have also said that the clothing quality is not as good as expected and that the sizing is off. Overall, it seems that people either love or hate Emery Rose.

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