Who Owns Icebox Jewelry?

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

The Icebox jewelry business is one of America’s most famous jewelry stores among rappers. The business began during the 70s when the owners emigrated from Pakistan to America. However, it is still going strong, as it is now the jewelry supplier of many hip-hop rappers. 

So, if you are wondering who is the owner of Icebox jewelry, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about it. 


Who Owns Icebox Jewelry?

Icebox jewelry began during the 70s when Mike Jooma and his wife Dinar began selling jewelry in flea markets. However, they eventually shifted their business from flea markets to various malls. During the 90s, the couple had five stores, and most of them were based in Texas. 

By 2003, Dinar and Mike moved their business and family to Atlanta. Their children were also old enough to help them with the shop by that time.

The children started making themselves known on radio stations and began passing out cards at Club 112. They also befriended assistants and interns of the managers of many rappers. 

The parents are divorced, but the entire family still owns the Icebox jewelry business. The mother overlooks daily finances, the father is a diamond buyer, and the sons share ownership. Zahir, Rafi, and Mo Jooma, the sons, now own the store. 

Who Spent The Most Money In Icebox?

Gazzy Garcia, also known as Lil Pump, has spent more than $500,000 on Icebox jewelry. He got off from his private jet in Miami and spent lots of cash at the store, as you can see on one of his Instagram posts. Of course, he is not the first rapper to spend so much money at the jewelry store. 

There are many rappers that keep on throwing their money around in the icebox jewelry store. They purchase watches, diamonds, and many other things that add to their bling and glam in no time. 

Did Icebox Get Looted?

In 2020, an unfortunate incident happened when the Icebox jewelry store was looted. It was the one located on Peachtree Road. The store was broken into and looted in the late hours of the night. 

There were protestors that also broke into other stores nearby and looted them. Of course, it took some time for the store to recover from this incident, but now they are back on track. The store is one of the top stores for rappers to get their bling from. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Zahir Jooma From Icebox?

The net worth of Zahir Jooma, one of the owners of Icebox, is at least one million dollars. Even on YouTube, Zahir has more than one million subscribers, which is also another income stream for him. He is only over thirty years old with a net worth of at least a million dollars. 

However, he is also a social media sensation, as he is a famous YouTuber, rapper, Viner, and much more. Of course, his main focus is running and operating the jewelry store along with his brothers, as that is his primary stream of income. 

Who Was The First Big Buyer Of Icebox Jewelry?

One of the top big buyers of jewelry was the rapper T-Pain. According to the Jooma brothers, he was the first person that trusted the brand with detailed and large designs that allowed them to expand their horizons. At that time, the brand was not making the incredible pieces that they are making today. 

Besides that, T-Pain still purchases jewelry from the store and comes by for holiday shopping each year. He is one of the most important clients for Icebox jewelry, as he was one of the first big rappers to trust the business and give them a large order. 

Will Icebox Owners Relocate Anywhere Else?

Many rappers, celebrities, and other people want the Icebox owners to be closer to their homes, but that will not happen. That is because Atlanta is home for the owners, which is why they don’t plan on relocating anywhere else anytime soon. The place has also become one of the most important components of the brand’s identity. 

However, Icebox will still expand and prepare to be around the world so everyone can benefit from what they have to offer. They plan on opening in new markets soon, but these plans have not been disclosed to the public yet, as the family does not like talking about their next move in public. Of course, when Icebox does open new boutiques, everyone will find out. 

So, if you want Icebox to come near you, then you will have to sit tight and find out. Who knows where their new boutique will be, and it might be where you like. So, you will have to keep up and find out. 

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