Who Owns Paparazzi Jewelry?

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

Paparazzi Jewelry or Accessories is a famous company known for selling unique items. It is owned by Misty and Trent Kirby and Chani and Ryan Reeve. The company has been operating for years to offer excellent accessories to customers.

The top feature of Paparazzi Jewelry is the way it operates. You can get jewelry for as low as $5 at this company. This is why it has been famous for years.

Do you want to know more about the owners of Paparazzi Jewelry? If so, here is a comprehensive guide to help you.


Who Owns Paparazzi Jewelry?

Paparazzi Jewelry has four founders, namely Misty Kirby, Trent Kirby, Chani Reeve, and Ryan Reeve. They started the company to fulfill their dreams and help others get reasonable jewelry. Each founder has a unique personality and reason for establishing the company.

Misty loves to party and has a degree in broadcast journalism. This is why she combined her passion for partying with new design trends to create Paparazzi.

She works on multiple products and helps with their designing process. The founder also works with multiple Paparazzi consultants across the country to help them make sales.

Trent Kirby has a business finance degree and mainly deals with the company’s financial processes. He uses his expansive knowledge to help the business thrive. Many Paparazzi consultants also say that Trent offers helpful advice on how to succeed at selling jewelry.

Chani Reeve is a mother and loves the flexibility that Paparazzi jewelry offers. She believes that the company allows its consultants to work on a flexible schedule.

As a founder, she primarily helps with organizing the business and motivates the consultants. Reeve also personally congratulates the consultants when they successfully sell items.

Ryan Reeve is the final founder of Paparazzi Jewelry with a degree in business and online technologies. He meets the consultants frequently to congratulate them on their sales. Besides that, he also trains the various consultants using his business knowledge.

Is Paparazzi Jewelry A Pyramid Scheme?

Many people consider Paparazzi Jewelry to be a fake business under the pyramid scheme. However, that is not true.

This is a real company that allows people from various regions to sell jewelry items. You can see the multiple reviews on different platforms about the company to realize that it is legit.

Paparazzi Jewelry also offers commissions to its consultants for making sales. Many of them have also revealed details about their interactions with the four founders. So you don’t have to worry the company is fake when buying jewelry from them.

How Much Do Paparazzi Consultants Make?

The company mainly gives 45% commissions and bonuses to its various consultants. Typically, the amount depends on the items you have sold.

The more jewelry you sell on the platform, the more money you will earn. Most consultants make $50 to $100 per month.

Of course, you can earn even higher than this amount if your business skills are top-notch. The money also depends on the kit you have used for joining Paparazzi Jewelry. Small and large party kits will allow you to earn $300 to $500 if you sell all the pieces.

How Does Paparazzi Jewelry Work?

The platform primarily works by selling jewelry kits with a specific number of pieces to “consultants” at a wholesale rate. You can then sell those items to the standard audience using an average price of $5 per piece. This allows you to earn a bonus and make money easily.

Paparazzi Jewelry founders also work actively with consultants to help them sell the items. So you can use their business knowledge and your marketing skills to make sales. The company will offer you a commission of 35% to 45% for selling the piece.

How Old Is The Paparazzi Company?

Paparazzi Jewelry was founded in 2011 by two couples. They started the business to help people work on their own schedules.

Many mothers use the platform to earn money on the side. The company’s top consultant also started using Paparazzi kits to make ends meet after her divorce.

It has been more than a decade since Paparazzi Jewelry came into being. This is why you can rely on the company to sell authentic items. You can use Paparazzi to purchase accessories or sell them to make money.

How Much Is Paparazzi Worth?

The company’s annual revenues are worth $10 to $50 million. It has been earning well since its inception in 2011.

Many consultants have also joined the platform. So there are about 50,000 to 75,000 active users on Paparazzi Jewelry.

Meanwhile, the brand also has about 100 to 500 employees. The exact worth may fluctuate depending on the economy. However, you can expect the revenue to rise up to $100 million.

The four founders use various methods to promote the brand and sell jewelry in multiple regions.

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