How Much Is a 1925 Dime Worth?

Last Updated on July 4, 2022

The 1925 dime has more value than its actual face value. It is often sought after by coin collectors and individuals alike due to its intricate design. However, it isn’t as sought after compared to other old coins like the 1927 dollar.

This is mostly because it’s still in use today. Although the quantity in circulation is quite little and oftentimes in bad mint condition, which makes coin collectors and individuals at large shy away from it.

The well-preserved coins are usually of high quality and intriguing design. The 1925 dime was created in the early 20s, and due to their beautiful design and make as well as the usefulness they’ve been preserved for over a century.

On this webpage is a detailed analysis of the value of the worth of the 1925 dime today.

The 1925 silver dime is worth $3.18 in good condition, $4.23 in Fine condition, and $35 in Uncirculated condition.

1925 Mercury Dime VF


How much is a 1925 dime worth?

A 1925 Mercury silver dime’s worth is based on its mint condition, the following are the mint conditions at which a 1925 dime can be exchanged;

Coin Variation  Good Very Good Fine Very Fine Extremely Fine About Uncirculated Uncirculated Brilliant Uncirculated
1925 Mercury Silver Dime $3.18 $3.44 $4.23 $5.90 $12.00 $23.00 $35.00 $257.00
1925 D Mercury Silver Dime $4.23 $5.90 $14.00 $52.00 $135.00 $228.00 $427.00 $1892.00
1925 S Mercury Silver Dime $3.44 $4.23 $8.41 $21.00 $80.00 $121.00 204.00 $1594.00

The 1925 coin is much more affordable compared to other old coins because of its face value. While the face value has increased greatly from ten cents to between $1.6 to $257.

It is still quite affordable compared to the “Ultimate Rarity”.The melt value of the 1925 dime is $1.61.

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The History of the 1925 Mercury Dime

1925 Mercury Dime VF

The 1925 dime was minted between 1916 to 1945, in three grades based on the location. They were minted, the Philadelphia grade, the D grade, and the S grade.

36,577,000 coins in total were created between this period, with 25,610,000 coming from Philadephia as the original grade, 5,850,000 coming from San Francisco, and 5,117,000 coming from Denver.

The 1925 Mercury Dime was popular because of its high aesthetic value. It was minted between 1916 and 1945 because of the long-standing law which allows coin designs to be minted for 25 years and renewed if it is still appreciated after then.

However, they had to make editions to the coin because the coin minting factories ran into problems due to their elaborate designs. The coins eventually underwent minting again in the year 2016 although the new version was minted in gold to celebrate its century-old anniversary.

The 1925 Mercury Silver Dime coin has a metallic composition of 90% silver and 10% copper, with a mass of 2.5 grams. The rising scarcity of the 1925 dime in good mint condition has led to an increase in demand by coin collectors. Majorly because most of the pieces that were kept did not fare well over time.

The continuous increase in scarcity of preserved 1925 dime coins can only mean one thing, the rising increase in value of the 1925 Mercury dime. After all, it is a popular rule of Economics that scarcity begets demand, and demand begets price inflation. 

The 1925 dimes are popularly known for their feel and elaborate design, the 1925 dime is worth 10 cents at face value

What is the Value of the 1925 D Mercury Dime?

1925 Mercury Dime is worth about $4.23 in Fine condition to $2800 in excellent and brilliant uncirculated grades depending on the mint condition of the coin. Be rest assured that the buy value will be lesser than the worth though.

Where is the Mint Mark of the 1925 Silver Mercury Dime located?

1925 S Mercury Silver Dime Very Good

The Philadelphia dime, the Denver dime, and the San Francisco Dime were mostly minted without a mint mark, very few of these coins possess a mint mark, however, when they do, the mint mark is always present on the flip side of the coin.

What is the value of a 1925-D Mercury dime?

The 1925 D Mercury Silver dime has the highest numismatic value of all the minted Mercury Dimes because fewer coins were minted in Denver compared to other locations. Its price ranges from $5 in good condition to over $1800 in Uncirculated condition.

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