How Much Is a 1926 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on July 4, 2022

The 1926 penny is one of the most popularly collected coins in the 20th century. Due to its high circulation rate in comparison to other old coins as well as the absence of precious metals such as gold.

It doesn’t amount to as much value in the market, and only the coins of average condition fetch a good price.

Although the uncirculated penny is worth a fortune, there are lots of collectors hoarding them, waiting for the price to inflate, of course, this is inevitable because the amount in circulation keeps reducing per day.

While the face value of the 1926 wheat penny is one cent, it is worth much more than that today. Are you holding on to your penny hoping that they’ll fetch you a good fortune?

In this guide, we’ll show you just how much your 1926 wheat penny is worth in whichever grade you’ve got it in.

The 1926 wheat penny is worth $0.22 in Good condition, $0.33 in Fine condition, and $9.13 in Uncirculated condition.

1926 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Seller Very Good Details


How much is a 1926 penny worth?

A 1926 Lincoln wheat penny’s worth varies based on the presence of mint marks, its physical mint condition, and the location it was created in. Below is a list of the valuation of 1926 pennies based on the locations they were created and their mint condition;

Coin Variation Good Very Good Fine Very Fine Extremely Fine About Uncirculated Uncirculated Brilliant Uncirculated
1926 Lincoln Wheat Penny $0.22 $0.28 $0.33 $0.56 $2.28 $4.52 $9.13 $20.00
1926 D Lincoln Wheat Penny $1.54 $2.00 $3.89 $5.96 $16.00 $36.00 $94.00 $140.00
1926 S Lincoln Wheat Penny $10.00 $11.00 $14.00 $19.00 $39.00 $83.00 $176.00 $371.00


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The History of the 1926 Lincoln Wheat Pennies

The 1926 penny is one of the longest-standing coins in American history,  also known as the 1926 Lincoln wheat penny, numerous people make a living out of collecting these coins, although this is due to multiple reasons.

They were popularly known as the Lincoln wheat pennies because they have an engraving of President Lincoln on them, the 1926 Lincoln wheat penny was minted in honor of the Late President Lincoln and have acquired a significant numismatic value because of this.

Some coin collectors collect these coins as a hobby, some collect them for their bullion value, some collect them for their monetary value, while others collect them due to the history associated with them.

There are numerous factors affecting the quality of your 1926 penny, such as the amount in circulation, when a coin is bright and shiny with no dents or visible physical defects it is called uncirculated due to its high quality

Usually, these kinds of coins are more valued because they haven’t been in the open market for long and they’ve been well preserved over the years. The 1926 penny of average condition doesn’t fetch a lot of money in the market.The melt value of the 1926 Lincoln wheat penny is $0.03

This is because they lack precious metals such as gold, silver, and others, the metallic composition of these coins is 95% copper with the remaining 5% comprising Tin and Zinc. The major metallic composition is Copper, coated with Tin and Zinc.The 1926 Lincoln Wheat penny weighs 3.11 grams.

Are 1926 Lincoln Wheat Pennies Worth Anything?

1926 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Seller Very Good Details

While the 1926 Lincoln wheat penny isn’t worth much compared to other old coins produced with precious metals, its high copper component gives it a metallic value and a melt value of $0.03. Although, the price varies depending on the coin collector.

Where can I find a Mint Mark on the 1926 Wheat Penny?

Mint marks are often located on the flip side of the 1926 penny, below the date. Coins can also be identified by grades, using the three alphabetic characters on coins showing the location which are the D(Denver) coins, the S( San Francisco) coins, Philadelphia coins have no mint mark

1926 No Mint Mark Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Seller Fine

Why is the 1926 Lincoln Penny called a Wheat Penny?

The 1926 penny was known as the Lincoln wheat penny because it features an engraved image of the late President Lincoln on one side and an engraving of sheaves of wheat on the other side.

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