How Much Is a 1945 Dime worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

The 1945 dime is one of the best, most remarkable coins to have in your collection.

Make sure to get one in premium condition as it will enhance the value of your collection, and you can sell it later for a high price. 

90% Silver Mercury Mixed Date 1916-1945 Brilliant Dime BU


How Much Is 1945 Dime Worth?

The 1945 dimes with every mintmark are worth around $1.84 if found in good condition. If you try to get the 1945 dime in very fine condition, it will have a value of around $3.06.

In addition, the dime in extremely fine condition is worth around $3.21. However, if you look at the value in uncirculated condition, every variant will have a different value.

For example, all 1945 dimes with MS60 grade are worth around $6 with MS60 grade. The 1945 dime with no mintmark is worth around $31 in the MS65 grade range.

On the other hand, the S and D mintmark dimes have a value of around $35. 

Coin Type Good Very Fine  Extremely Fine Uncirculated MS60 Uncirculated MS65
1945 Dime $1.84  $3.06 $3.21 $6  $31
1945 S Dime $1.84  $3.06 $3.21 $6  $35
1945 D Dime $1.84  $3.06 $3.21 $6  $35


What Is 1945 Dime Micro S Variant?

The 1945 dime with micro-S mintmark is a special and rare coin. It is different than a standard mintmark compared to other 1945 dimes.  

The micro-S variant has a smaller mintmark engraved. You must look closely and compare it to the standard S mintmark dime. 

How Much Is 1945 Dime Micro S Variant Worth?

2 Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver - Different Dates from 1916 to 1945 Dimes VG-08 and better

The micro-S variant is rarer and has a value of around $1.84 in just good condition. In addition, the very good condition variant is worth around $2.41 and $3.21 in extremely fine condition. 

On the other hand, in uncirculated condition and with MS60 grade, the micro-S dime is valued at around $6 and $31 with MS65 grade. 

What Is 1945 Dime Made of?

The 1945 dime is made up of silver composition. It consists of 90% silver and 10% copper. This is why the dime has a shining, bright appearance.

When buying it, make sure to have a close look and verify the coin properly. 

Is It Possible to Find 1945 Dime Online?

Yes, it is possible to find 1945 on online marketplaces. Many sites are live where you can find the 1945 dime for sale. 

However, make sure to only buy from a trusted site and the one that has high, positive reviews. Many online vendors only specifically deal in old, collectible coins.

However, do check their pages out. Always go for the premium condition coins, as it will help you earn a good profit when you sell them later.

However, check the coin’s condition as it arrives and then pay for it. 

What Are the Specifications of 1945 Dime?

The 1945 dime is around 17.9 mm in diameter and 2.5 grams in weight. These details will help you are trying to verify the coin that you are trying to buy.

Unfortunately, many fake 1945 dimes are circulating in the market, and these small details will help you differentiate. 

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Why Is It Known as The Mercury Dime?

The ten cent coins minted by the US Treasury from the years 1916 to 1945 are known as the Mercury Dimes. If you are new to coin collecting then you might not know why these coins are called mercury dimes.

The coin has a bust of Lady Liberty wearing a winged cap on the front side of the coin. Her portrait was confused with Mercury i.e., the Roman God who is said to wear a similar type of winged cap as can be seen from his statues.  

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying 1945 Dime?

There are many things that you have to keep in mind when buying the 1945 dime. These things will help you ensure that you have bought an original dime.

Here are some tips to help you buy a perfect 1945 dime for your collection. 

  • Always check the dime for even the smallest marks.
  • Make sure the coin is in good condition.
  • It should have a high luster.
  • Match the specifications of the dime for sale with the official information.
  • Always negotiate for the coin to get the best deal.

What Are the AW Markings on the Obverse Side of 1945 Dime?

2 Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver - Different Dates from 1916 to 1945 Dimes VG-08 and better

The AW markings on the 1945 dime isn’t a mintmark. These markings on the obverse side of the 1945 dime are the initials of the designer of this coin.

The designer for the 1945 Dime was Adolph Weinman, who is famous for his engravings on US coin. 

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