How Much Is the 1952 Quarter Worth?

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

The 1952 quarter holds a special place in the US coinage and the country’s history. The quarter is one of the finest ones that were ever produced. The coin is worth collecting with a silver composition if you have a passion for collecting old coins. 

There is a lot more to know about these quarters. Here is a complete guide to help you with everything. 

1952 D Washington (1932 to Date) Quarter Very Fine 5PL


How Much Is the 1952 Quarter Worth?

The 1952 quarter coin without the mintmark is one of the most popular quarters out there. The coin’s valuation is around $5.52 in good condition and $6.17 in extremely good condition respectively. The 1952 quarter that is graded MS60 can easily yield $9 from the right buyer.

The 1952 quarter that was minted in San Francisco has an S mint mark on it and that coin is worth around $6 given that it is found in good condition. Like any other coin, the uncirculated 1952 quarter is worth the most money. This is because of the fact that these coins are usually in the best condition.

The 1952 quarter minted in Denver can also get you around $6 which is way over its face value. If you want to get the most out of your 1952 quarter then you need to find one that is graded MS65 and in uncirculated condition. These quarters can even bring in $35 if sold to the right buyer.

Coin Good Very good Extremely fine MS60 Grade MS65 Grade
1952 Quarter $5 $5.52 $6.17 $9 $30
1952 S Quarter $6 $6.5 $9 $12 $55
1952 D Quarter $5 $6 $7 $20 $35

How Rare is the 1952 Quarter?

1952 D Washington (1932 to Date) Quarter Very Fine 5PL

The 1952 quarter is not a rare coin as there were a lot of coins that were minted. Majority of these coins were circulated in the economy which is why you don’t find a lot of 1952 quarter coins in excellent condition. The coin itself isn’t rare but finding one in the best condition is very difficult.

What Is The Melt Value of the 1952 Quarter?

The melt value of a 1952 Quarter is $3.71 per coin. The melt value refers to the value extracted from the coin by melting it and extracting the precious metals used. 

The coins that aren’t in good condition don’t have any value as vintage coins. But if you melt the ones with silver content, some melt value can be gathered and help you get a better value. 

How Many Were 1952 Quarters Ever Minted?

Millions of 1952 quarters were minted by the Federal Reserve. The quarters were minted in three different mints, and every mint had different quantities to produce for circulation. 

There were a total of 102,365,073 coins ever minted for 1952 quarters. All these circulated in the economy as the country was going through war.

If you want to know how many coins each mint produced. Keep reading as we have mentioned below. 

  • Philadelphia: 38,862,073
  • Denver: 49,795,200
  • San Francisco: 13,707,800

What Is the 1952 Quarter Made Of?

The 1952 quarter is made up of silver composition. The coin contains 90% silver and just 10% copper. This is why you will see the quarter in a shiny bright appearance. 

Also, the 1952 quarter has a reasonable melt value compared to other old coins belonging to US coinage. Understanding every small detail of an old coin is important as it will help you a lot. When you go out to buy it, checking and verifying it will become much easier for you.  

Is It Worth Collecting 1952 Quarter?

1952 D Washington Quarter AG About Good 90% Silver 25c US Coin Collectible

As previously mentioned, the 1952 quarter is one of the most favorite and unique coins belonging to the US coinage. The numerical value may not be much, but that is something that is going to increase with time. 

As in investment or collection, the 1952 quarter is a fine coin to have in your possession. With time as the best condition coins start becoming rare, the value will increase. Then you will realize you made a good decision to invest in this coin. 

It is always worth investing in old coins as a collector knows the true value of the such coin. And with time, the value will increase and benefit you a lot. 

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