How much is 1954 Dime Worth?

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

The 1954 Roosevelt dimes have a great value, they are good both numismatically and as a silver coin or bullion. Roosevelt dimes had a great value because they have a generous amount of silver in them. They had around 90 percent of silver content and 10 percent of precious metals.

1954 D Roosevelt (1946-to Date) Dime Choice Fine Details


How much is 1954 Dime Worth?

The 1954 dime had no mint mark on it and it is worth 3.25 dollars in fine condition. If this coin is in the uncirculated state then its worth is 5 dollars with M3 63 grade.

These coins in an uncirculated state with MS 65 grade can be sold for 10 dollars. The other types of this coin which are 1954 D dimes and 1954 S dimes also have the same values.

How Can You Tell If the Dime is made up of Silver?

The simplest way to check the dime if it is silver is to check the edges of the coin. If the coin or a dime has a silver strip then you can say that it is a silver dime.

If there is the presence of copper instead of silver then you can say it is copper clad. If the dime has a subdued silver strip and it has some minute traces of copper then it could mean that the coin is made up of 40 percent silver.

What is the Value of this Coin?

The coin if present in the circulated state is worth the weight of the silver it has, the silver value calculated as of 11 August 2022 is 1.48 dollars. This value is calculated from the value of silver that is present per ounce right now and this is 20.48 dollars.

Proof coins that have no mint marks are also available and their value is 18 dollars in PR 65 condition. A total of around 233,300 proof coins were minted altogether. 

On the obverse side of the coin, there is a text present that says Liberty, In God We Trust ad there is a date along with it and Js initials. On the other side of the coin, there is another text that says the United States of America and E Pluribus Unum. On the front side of the coin, the picture of President Franklin Roosevelt is printed while on the back side there is a torch printed along with two surrounding branches.

Chart of Minted Values of 1954 Dime

Coins Minted Value
1954 114,101,203 Its value is 3 dollars
1954 D 106,397,000 Its value is 3 dollars
1954 S 22,860,000 Its value is 3 dollars

Grading System of 1954 Dime

1954 Roosevelt Dime Very Fine

The grading of the 1954 dime is divided into the following:

Extremely Fine: The coins present in this have a line on the hair, flame, and the torch and it looks very plain.

Uncirculated MS 63: The coins in this have blemishes and contact marks on some areas of major focal. The coin doesn’t have a prominent luster.

Uncirculated MS 65 Gem: The coins that are present in this system have a strong luster and it is very eye appealing. There are a few light blemishes or contact marks that are present but they are not much noticeable. 

Proof PR 65: The coins in this system have no flaws only a few blemishes are present that may or may not be noticeable. 

Where is the Mint Mark Present on 1954 Dime?

The US minted this 1954 dime and there is no mint mark present on it as well as on the 1954 D and 1954 S quarters. But if the mint mark is present on the coin then it can be found on the reverse side of the 1954 Dime.

Are the 1954 Quarter Dimes Rare?

The quarter value of the 1954 dime starts at 3.39 dollars each. This value represents that the dime has a good amount of silver in it. The collectible Washington quarter that has a mintmark of D indicates that is a Denver mint and it is rare. 

What Does No S Proof On A Dime Means?

1954 Roosevelt Dime Very Fine

Some dimes have no mint marks on them but some dimes do have an S mint mark. If the dime were to have an S mint mark but it is not present on it then it can be due to the accumulation of grease-filled dies or it can also be due to over-polishing of the dime. But in some dimes, the S mark was never punched in the die when coins were struck.

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