How Much Is 1971 Silver Dollar Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

The Eisenhower Dollars were produced by the United States Mint from 1971 to 1978 and were one of the most valuable coins ever produced. Also known as the Ike Dollars, it is one of the nicknames of the 1971 silver dollar. Want to learn more about it?


How Much Is 1971 Silver Dollar Worth?

The silver dollar value may range from $8 and $20.The 1971 silver dollar value is a collectible item, and the value depends on its condition. The US government made it available as proof and uncirculated coins.

Its weight in silver measures the silver dollar value. As of today, the minimum silver dollar value would be $8. However, the coin was produced in different variations, and the value of each variation may differ.

The MS 63 And MS 65 are both variations produced. The standard MS 63 silver dollar 1971 silver dollar is worth $14 but in uncirculated condition.

The MS 65 worth is $20 in uncirculated condition as it has comparatively more silver than in MS 63. The MS 65 variation has the highest value to its state, and even if they get minor marks, they are unnoticeable.

1971 S Silver BU Eisenhower Dollar Choice Uncirculated US Mint

What Value Does The Mint Mark Have On A 1971 Silver Dollar?

A mint mark is one of the official marks on a coin. However, the United States government produced some 1971 silver dollars without the mintmark. They are also official coins produced, but their value ranges from $1 to $2 in any condition.

You can quickly check a 1971 silver dollar coin if it has a mint mark or not. The silver dollar coins were circulated in some states without the mintmark, Philadelphia is one of them.

How To Check If My 1971 Dollar Coin Is Genuine and Made Out Of Silver?

One of the main features of identifying an original silver coin is its structure and weight. Silver dollar coins are heavier than standard coins. Be aware sometimes people use alloys to make heavier coins and sell them as 1971 silver dollar coins.

The best way to check the originality is if it has a copper strip, and mintmark may also help in this case. If you still have any doubts about a coin, it would be best to get an expert’s opinion.

How Many Grams of Silver Can Be Found in 1971 silver dollar?

A 1971 and 1979 silver coin can be identified by its shiny appearance. An original silver dollar is worth more than other nickel-made coins. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the weight.

A 1971 silver dollar weighs around 24.59 grams and is higher than other coins produced. Therefore, if your 1971 silver dollar weighs approximately 25 grams, it is genuine and possesses a good value in the market.

1971 S Silver BU Eisenhower Dollar Choice Uncirculated US Mint

What Are The Observe Features of The 1971 Silver Dollar?

The observe is also known as the head side of a coin. For example, the 1971 silver dollar was produced to dedicate it to President Eisenhower. So the observe side of the coin depicts him on the observe side.

Other than President Eisenhower, the observe side has the year 1971 written on the bottom and “Liberty” above President Eisenhower. The mintmarks are also visible on the observe side if you were thinking about that.

Where Is The Mintmark Located on The 1971 Silver Dollar Coin?

A mintmark is an official identification of where the coins were produced. Therefore, a mintmark is very vital on a coin.

If you are looking for a mintmark, you can find it around the Eisenhower’s bust on the observe of the 1971 silver dollar coin. Two mintmarks were used for the 1971 silver dollar coin.

D and S, any one of these can be found on a 1971 silver dollar. However, the mintmark is very microscopic and would need a close look to notice and identify the mintmark.

However, you won’t find any mintmark on a 1971 silver dollar coin issued for Philadelphia. Therefore, other methods can be used to check the originality of a Philadelphian 1971 silver dollar coin. The best would be to get an expert’s opinion as they can check the authenticity and value the coin properly.

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