The 1973 Lincoln Penny

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

The Lincoln Penny 1973 does not amount to much and are deemed not to be as valuable compared to many other coins. On the other hand, if they are found in uncirculated condition or with errors, they can be sold for quite a lot!

The face value of the Lincoln Penny amounts to only a total of $0.91. It is composed of a combination of 95% copper and 5% zinc. The US Mint has a few variations of the Lincoln Penny which you will find below.


So How Much Are Each Of These Pennies Worth Really?

The value of each of the pennies are mostly worth equivalent to their copper weight. The range of the value may amount from anywhere within $0.01 to a couple of dollars in circulated condition. If you manage to find a penny luckily in uncirculated condition you can earn quite a fortune!

Since there are two more variations of the Lincoln Penny 1973, their value differs from the one mentioned above. The 1973 penny with the absence of the mint mark and the 1973 D penny amount to a total value of $0.30 if found in uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade.

Though the worth of the 1973 D coin is $0.02 to $0.03, their composition differed on the basis of being made of bronze instead of their copper counterpart. On the other hand the 1973 S Lincoln Penny can go up to amounting to $0.85 in uncirculated condition with similar grade, MS 65.

There is another form of penny which is quite rare and usually made for collectors, known as the Proof penny which has a mint mark labelled ‘S’. These are not made for general circulation and the US Mint proof coinage is extremely popular and widely collected today.

Due to their nature and condition (uncirculated) they are valued around an entire dollar in PR 65 grade. Facts state that the US Mint struck about 2,760,339 proof coins during the time!

1973 S Proof Lincoln Memorial Cent Choice Uncirculated US Mint

How Many Kinds of Lincoln Pennies Were Minted?

The US minted Lincoln Pennies across the period of 1973 but they had no mint marks on them. The initial penny minted for circulation was by the Philadelphia Mint after which Denver and San Francisco followed suit. These were called the 1973 D and 1973 S Pennies and if there was a mint mark present on each of the three, it could be found on the reverse side of the penny just below the date.

How Are The Lincoln Pennies Divided As Per Grading Schemes?

Unlike many other pennies, the Lincoln Penny 1973 is only commonly circulated under two grades:

  • The MS 65 gem uncirculated which has a strong shine and appeal. There are very minor contact marks on the penny, and though present can barely be found noticeable.
  • The second grade is the PR 65 proof. The coin graded such has absolutely no marks or flaws on the surface though rarely some blemishes may be found.
  • 1973 S Proof Lincoln Memorial Cent Choice Uncirculated US Mint

Are There Any Valuable Variations Of The 1973 Pennies?

Though the coins’ values were greatly dependent on their composition and status of circulation, a few variations stand out based on their grading system:

  • The most valuable 1973 Lincoln Penny, graded MS 67+RD by the Professional Coin Grading Service, was claimed to be of a total worth of $3,850 in an auction in the year 2020.
  • Similarly the most valuable 1973-D penny, graded MS 67RD was sold for $4,993.75 in an auction held in 2014.
  • The Professional Coin Grading Service provided a claim for the sale of a rare 1973-S Lincoln penny graded MS 67RD, to amount to a total worth of $2,232.50 in a 2016 auction.
  • Lastly the 1973-S Proof Lincoln penny was graded ‘perfect’ under PR 70 and was traded off in 2004 for a great value of $12,075!

Can You Find Any Errors On The 1973 Lincoln Penny?

Interestingly enough the most common errors you may be able to spot on these Lincoln pennies are:

  • Post Mint Damaged Pennies
  • The 1973 Double Die Error Penny that are considered to be very valuable
  • The 1973 Off-Center Penny where off-center strikes can result in a crescent-shaped blank portion on the coin.
  • 1973 Re-punched Mintmark Penny.

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