How Much Is 1979 Penny Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

If you’ve got a penny from 1979 lying around, it might be worth more than you think. In fact, according to recent estimates, that penny could be worth as much as $6. Of course, the value of a coin depends on a number of factors, including its condition and the year it was minted.

The coin was minted at three different US Mints including Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco. But if you’ve got a few old pennies lying around, it might be time to start looking for those coin books and see how much they’re worth! 

The 1979 penny has the figure of Lincoln coined on it and is not of much value. However, some varieties of this coin can help you make some profits. Here’s what you need to know about the 1979 penny value to sell your coin at a suitable price.


How Much Is 1979 Penny Worth?

The 1979 penny value is not more than the $0.02 face value if the coin is in a circulated condition. Typically, these pennies are used for everyday transactions, so they don’t hold much value. Luckily, you can earn more if you have an uncirculated 1979 penny.

Besides that, the 1979 penny value of a coin with no mint mark is $0.30. You will also get the same amount if you have the D penny of this series. Also, remember that you will get this value only if the coin is in an uncirculated condition and has an MS 65 grading.

The 1979 pennies also have S-proof versions, which are more valuable than the standard coins. You can sell this penny for at least $5 to $6 in an uncirculated PR-65 condition. The primary feature of the proof pennies is that they are made by the Federal Reserve and have no flaws.

1979 S Type 1 Gem Proof Lincoln Memorial Cent US Coin Penny

Is There A Rare 1979 Penny?

There are multiple rare 1979 pennies with exceptionally high values because of the errors. For instance, the doubled die coins of this series are worth $10 to $20 per piece. Many collectors may also pay more than this figure if your coin is in excellent condition without blemishes.

A 1979 BIE penny also falls in the rare category because of the die break error. You can identify this coin by the raised line between B and E of the word “Liberty,” which resembles the letter I. The BIE 1979 penny value is $5 to $10 in average worn-out condition.

You will also encounter 1979 pennies with repunched mint marks. The value of this coin depends on the degree of the error. However, you can easily get $3 to $10 for this penny. A 1979 Red Mint State 68 coin also has a high worth. A piece of this penny was sold for $2,820 at an auction in 2016.

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What Is A Mint Mark On A Penny?

A mint mark is a tiny letter on a coin that identifies where the coin was produced. Typically, the 1979 penny value will be higher if the item has this mark and is in an uncirculated condition. The top feature of minting is that it holds the maker responsible for the coin’s quality.

If you have a 1979 penny, you can easily identify the mint mark by checking for the symbol above the year. A “P” mainly stands for Philadelphia to represent the production region. You may also encounter some 1979 pennies with blob mint marks.

These are placed incorrectly on the opposite or left side of the original mint mark. The best part is that such a coin will be worth a few dollars in an uncirculated proof condition.

1979 S Type 1 Gem Proof Lincoln Memorial Cent US Coin Penny

1979 Penny worth Composition (95% Copper and 5% Zinc)

The value of a 1979 penny can also depend on its composition. The 1979 penny is made with 95% Copper which means that the value of copper in the market may also effect the value of the coin. So, if the price of copper rises, so does the value of the 1979 penny.

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