What Are GIA-Certified Diamonds? (Full Answer)

Last Updated on April 9, 2022

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and all come with their own unique profile. But how come some diamonds say they’re GIA-Certified while others do not?

We’ll explore what a GIA-Certified diamond means and take a look at a few other commonly asked questions, such as:

  • What is GIA?
  • What’s the purpose of GIA?
  • Does GIA appraise diamonds?
  • Are GIA-Certified diamonds more expensive than other diamonds?
  • Is a GIA certification reputable?
  • Does GIA grade lab-grown diamonds?
  • How are GIA-Certified diamonds graded?
  • What’s included in a GIA report?
  • Why should you buy a GIA-Certified diamond?
  • How much does it cost to have a diamond graded by GIA?
  • How to check if a GIA certificate is real?
  • Does GIA grade small diamonds?
  • What to remember about GIA?


What Are GIA-Certified Diamonds?

Diamonds that hold a GIA certification have been analyzed and evaluated using the GIA grading process.

What Is GIA?

GIA, also known as the Gemological Institute of America, is an independent third-party organization that supplies customers and merchants with information about individual gemstones.

Where Is GIA Located?

GIA is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.

When Was GIA Established?

GIA was established in 1931 and was designed to create a standard of gemstone evaluation to protect merchants and consumers alike.

What Is the Purpose of GIA?

GIA is an independent organization that grades diamonds using the 4 C’s Method: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. GIA provides grading and analysis of individual gemstones but does not appraise or certify diamonds.

Does GIA Appraise Diamonds?

No. GIA does not appraise diamonds. Rather, GIA provides a thorough grading report of an individual diamond.

Does GIA Certify Diamonds?

No. GIA does not certify diamonds.

Are GIA-Certified Diamonds More Expensive Than Other Diamonds?

Not always. GIA does not appraise diamonds. Therefore, GIA-Certified diamonds will be available at various price points.

Are GIA-Certified Diamonds Real?

Yes. GIA grades both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Does GIA Grade Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Yes. Since 2007, GIA has graded natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Is a GIA Certification Reputable?

Yes! A GIA certification is one of the most well-respected and recognized certifications in the diamond industry.

How Are GIA-Certified Diamonds Graded?

GIA grades diamonds using the 4 C’s Method, which includes analysis and evaluation of color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

How Long Does a GIA Certification Take to Receive?

A GIA report will be completed typically within three weeks once a diamond has been submitted and received for analysis and grading.

What Is Included Within a GIA Report?

A diamond that has been analyzed and evaluated by GIA will receive a detailed report that includes a description of the diamond, color, weight, measurements, cutting style, and any identified treatments to the diamond.

Should You Only Buy GIA-Certified Diamonds?

Buying a GIA-Certified diamond is completely up to the buyer. However, it is recommended that diamonds over one carat should be GIA-Certified.

Why Should You Buy a GIA-Certified Diamond?

Purchasing a GIA-Certified diamond allows customers peace of mind. Additionally, GIA-Certified diamonds are sometimes considered more valuable than uncertified diamonds.

Are GIA-Certified Diamonds Worth More?

Yes. GIA-Certified diamonds can sometimes be considered worth more than uncertified diamonds.

Are GIA-Certified Diamonds Common?

Yes. Many fine jewelry retailers stock GIA-Certified diamonds.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Diamond Graded by GIA?

Diamond grading with GIA is reasonably affordable. The GIA certification process costs around $48-$80 depending on carat weight.

Is GIA the Best Certification a Diamond can Have?

GIA is considered one of the best diamond certification organizations in the USA. GIA is also considered to have the most consistent lab grading entities and is well-respected within the diamond industry.

Are There Fake GIA Certificates?

Yes. Fake GIA certificates do exist. However, real GIA certificates can be authenticated through the organization.

How to Check if a GIA Certificate Is Real?

To verify the authenticity of a GIA-Certified diamond, simply run a report check on the GIA website to check the GIA database registry. GIA reports should include:

  • The report issue date
  • Designated report number
  • Carat weight and dimension
  • Details regarding the cut and shape of the stone

Does GIA Grade Colored Stones?

Yes, GIA grades colored stones in addition to diamonds.

Does GIA Grade Small Diamond?

Yes, GIA offers grading services for diamonds less than 0.2 carats.

What to Remember About GIA?

It’s important to remember that GIA is an independent third-party organization that analyzes and grades individual gemstones. GIA does not appraise or certify diamonds.

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