How Much Is 1980 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

The 1980 penny is an important and recent vintage coin to us, the US mintage. The penny may be valuable enough, but that is for now. As years will pass, it will start getting difficult to find the penny in the best condition. That is when the value will greatly increase and reap a good profit. 

But there are many things you should know about the penny before investing in it. Here is a complete guide to help you with that. 

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How Much Is 1980 Penny Worth?

The 1980 penny without a mintmark on it is considered the most sought after version of the 1980 penny. If you find a 1980 penny in “very fine” condition, it valuation will be around $0.05.

The penny will be valued at $0.10 if it is in extremely fine condition. If the coin has a MS65 grade condition, it will be worth $1.5.
The 1980 penny in good condition with S mintmark will be valued at $0.05. If the coin’s condition is very good, the valuation will be $0.10. The coin will be valued at $1 in extremely fine condition.

The penny in uncirculated condition will help get the most profit. So if you possess one or more of this penny and it is in the highly sought after “uncirculated” condition then you will be able to get a good amount for it. The value of the coin will be around $2 to $5 in MS63 and MS60 grades.

The 1980 penny with a (D) mintmark (Condition: Very Fine), the coin’s value will be around $0.5. The penny will be valued at $0.7 if it is available in extremely fine condition.

Coin Good Very Good/Fine Extremely fine MS60 MS63 Proof Coins
1980 Penny $0.05 $0.10 $1 $1.5
1980 S Penny $0.05 $0.10 $1 $2.5 $5 $9
1980 D Penny $0.5 $0.7 $2 $4


Is There Any Error Penny in 1980 Penny?

Yes, there were error pennies in the 1980 penny but very few in numbers. However, if you look closely at the Liberty engraving on the obverse side, you will notice the error. 

The error is about the first being double-dyed, due to which you will see it in a strong, bold color. However, it isn’t sure how many error coins were produced. So if you get your hands on one, you are lucky. 

The error coins are sold for a higher value than a standard 1980 penny. 

Where Is The Mintmark Present on 1980 Penny?

1980 S Clad Proof 5 Coin Set in Original Government Packaging Proof

When present, the mintmark can be found on the obverse side of the 1980 penny. You can notice the mintmark present under the year engraved on the right side of the obverse side. Make sure to look closely as the font is very small of the mintmark. 

The 1980 pennies minted in Philadelphia don’t have any mintmark. So don’t worry about getting your hands on a penny with no mintmark. 

Where To Get The 1980 Penny From?

The 1980 penny is an easily available coin. This is because it was minted recently compared to other old coins. In addition, the penny was minted in millions, so it is easy to find them in good condition. 

The best place to look for the 1980 penny is any physical marketplace such as pawn shops, collectors markets, and other jewelry stores. They are the best places where you can find an original coin. First, however, you should check the coin very carefully. 

That would save you from overpaying and ensuring you have an original coin. If you don’t know about the coin, it would be great to have an expert by your side to help you out. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have anyone selling the 1980 penny nearby, you can also check some online stores. Amazon, eBay, and many other sites deal in such old coins. 

However, when you are dealing with these coins online, make sure to get the coins from trusted and highly reviewed sellers. That would reduce the chances of you getting a fake coin. 

How Many Proof Coins Were Minted of 1980 Penny?

1980 S Clad Proof 5 Coin Set in Original Government Packaging Proof

There were over a million proof coins produced on the 1980 penny. The proof coins are official samples produced by the mint to ensure that the dye is properly fitted. This reduces the chances of error coins. 

There were around 3,554,806 proof coins produced of the 1980 penny. Previously the proof coins were minted in Philadelphia with no mintmark present. But then it changed to San Francisco and having an S mintmark. 

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