How Much Is A 1976 Silver Dollar Worth?

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

The 1976 silver dollar is one of the most special coins ever produced in the US mintage. The coin was produced to celebrate the 200th anniversary of signing the Declaration of Independence. Also known as the 1776-1976 silver dollar, it also holds a good numismatic value. 

There is still more to know about the silver dollar. Here is a complete guide to help you out with everything you would want to know.

1976 S Eisenhower Proof 40% Silver Dollar Choice Uncirculated $1 PR-68 US Mint


How Much Is A 1976 Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1976 silver dollar produced in Philadelphia and Denver was made to be circulated and had a different metal composition to the same silver dollars produced in San Francisco. 1976 with no mintmark is worth around $2 in very good condition and up to $5 in extremely fine condition.

In uncirculated condition with MS60 grade, the value is about $10 and $20 for MS65 grade. 1976 with D mintmark is worth around its face value, which is $1 in very good condition.

The value comes around to be $3 for an extremely fine condition coin. Uncirculated condition 1976 silver dollars are worth around $4 if in MS60 and $10 for MS65 grade.

How Much Is 1976 Silver Dollar With S Mintmark Worth?

The silver dollar with the S mintmark differs slightly from other variants of this same-year coin. It is worth around $10 in very good and $15 in extremely fine condition. However, if found in uncirculated condition with MS60 grade, the value can go up to $19 and $30 for MS65 grade. 

Coin Type Very good Extremely fine MS60 MS65
1976 Silver Dollar $2 $5 $10 $20
1976 D Silver Dollar $1 $3 $4 $10
1976 S Silver Dollar $10 $15 $19 $30

What Is The Difference Between S Mintmark Silver Dollar and Others?

1976 S Eisenhower Proof 40% Silver Dollar Choice Uncirculated $1 PR-68 US Mint

The 1976 silver dollar with S mintmark was produced with a silver-clad composition. The silver dollar with no mintmark and D mintmark is made using a copper-nickel composition. 

The silver-clad coins were never produced for circulation and were kept by the mint as a tribute. There is a difference in the weight of both composition coins as well. 

For example, the silver-clad composition weighs around 24.59 grams. On the other hand, the copper-nickel coins weigh around 22.68 grams. The silver-clad coins have a shinier appearance as well.  

There is a difference between the melt value as well. 

What Is The Melt Value of Silver Clad 1976 Dollars?

The melt value of the 1976 silver dollar is around $7. However, the value can keep changing depending on the current spot price of silver. Therefore, whenever you want to calculate the spot price, you can use the spot price. 

On the other hand, the melt value refers to the numismatic value that can be acquired by melting the coin and extracting the precious metals. Then, the metals are carefully extracted and sold in the open market. 

People melt the coins that are not in good condition and can’t get a better value. So melting the coin and extracting the precious metals will get them a higher value. So, therefore, knowing the melt value you can get from a coin is also important. 

Is It Worth Collecting the 1976 Silver Dollar?

1976-S U.S. Eisenhower Silver Dollar Coin, 40% Pure Silver, Mint State Condition, Bicentennial Design

The 1976 Silver dollar is one of the most special coins ever produced in the country’s history. It is a favorite coin for every collector to have in their collection. Collecting the 1976 silver dollar is one of the best decisions you can make as a passion or investment. 

With time the value with gradually increase, and you will understand the importance of your decision. However, sometimes it can get difficult for some people to get their hands highest grade condition silver dollar. 

However, if you are looking to invest in the 1976 silver dollar, make sure to go for the silver-clad composition ones. Those will always hold a higher value compared to other coins. 

And if you get a chance to buy a proof coin, that is an opportunity not to miss at any cost. But make sure any coin you are looking at is original, as many counterfeits are circulating in the market. 

Whenever you go out to buy a vintage coin, make sure always to have an expert by your side. Not only will the expert help you verify the coin but also help you negotiate and get it at a better value. 

That is a chance that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. That will help you get the best coin. 

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