How Much is 1992 Penny Worth? (The Price Will SURPRISE You!)

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Most pennies aren’t worth more than their face value, even if they’re over 30 years old.

But some sell for quite a significant amount when in stunning condition!

Your 1992 penny could be worth a pretty penny, so let’s dive in the learn how!


History of the 1992 Lincoln Penny

Like all coins today, pennies differ slightly based on where they were printed. Pennies may be marked with a D or S symbol if they were printed in Denver of San Francisco.

However, most pennies, and other coins, are printed in Philadelphia. A total of over 4,600,000,000 pennies were printed in Philadelphia.

Over 4,400,000,000 1992 D pennies were printed. Only 4,176,560 1992 S Proof pennies were printed.

By the 90’s, pennies also were printed with significantly less copper than prior years. In 1992, pennies were only comprised of 0.8% copper!

The rest of the pennies printed were made up of zinc. So, where these pennies were printed affects their value, in addition to the most valuable printing error, the close AM penny.

What is a 1992 D Penny Worth?

Pennies printed in Denver are incredibly common coins and most are still worth their face value of one cent.

However, these pennies may become slightly more valuable if in uncirculated (no wear and tear) condition.

A standard 1992 penny that is missing its mint mark is worth 30 cents. A 1992 D penny is worth the same amount when in pristine uncirculated condition, and is MS 65 grade.

MS 65 grade means that the coin is uncirculated. The penny would have a strong shine and very few, if no, visible marks.

What is a 1992 S Penny Worth?

Because of the lower quantity that was printed, these pennies go for a slightly higher amount. This is partly because S proof coins are collector coins.

When in PR 65 condition, the 1992 S proof penny can be worth up to $5.

PR 65 condition means that the coin has no flaws. Proof S coins are the coins you want to have zero flaws or marks present.

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What is a Close AM 1992 Penny Worth?

The close AM 1992 penny is what makes collecting 1992 pennies worth the effort! Just as the name suggests, the “America” on these pennies have less space between the A and M.

The letters are printed to appear almost touching each other at the bottom of the A and M.

This might not seem like a huge deal, but this is rare because this printing error was intended for the 1993 pennies!

This redesign was so slight however that select few 1992 pennies have it. There are close AM versions for the Denver minted pennies and the 1992 pennies without a mint mark.

For a 1992 D penny in PR 65 condition with this error, this particular penny can be worth $10,000! The 1992 no mint mark variety would be worth a similar amount as well.

But some even claim that this penny could be worth even more of around $25,000.

In 2017, only five of 1992 close AM pennies were identified. Roughly a dozen 1992 D close am pennies were also found.

Only a few of these pennies have gone to auction and sold, in both 2016 and in 2017.

In 2016, a MS 64 close AM penny sold for nearly $9,000. In 2017, a MS 61 close AM penny sold for $1,703.

But again in 2017, the highest price ever paid was for a MS 67 close AM penny. This particular penny sold for over $25,000!

While these pennies sold for less compared to the 1992 Close AM pennies, the Denver minted pennies are still worth a considerable amount!

In 2014, there were a few of these pennies sold for a wide range of dollar figures. These included a MS 65 penny sold for $14,100 and a MS 62 penny sold for $2,820.

The most valuable 1992 D close AM penny sold in 2012, at a MS grade of 64, for $20,700!

Even circulated versions of these pennies can still earn you a couple hundred dollars, depending on their condition.

1992 D Penny Worth up to $0.30
1992 S Penny Worth up to $5
1992 D Close AM Penny Worth up to $10,000
1992 S Close AM Penny Worth up to $20,000


How Many 1992 D Close AM Pennies Are There?

As of 2021, only a small handful of these pennies have been found and identified. There have been currently 22 confirmed Denver Close AM pennies.

However, dozens of these pennies were accidentally printed, so there could still be a few floating around in spare change jars!

Some experts even claim that even upward of 50,000 of these coins exist.

Where to Sell a 1992 Close AM?

There are online markets and in-person stores you can use or visit to sell your coins. However, in-person stores will often want your pennies assessed before paying you.

It’s also highly recommended to have your coins assessed before listing on eBay or online coin auction houses.

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