How Much Is A 1992 Quarter Worth? (ULTIMATE Guide)

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

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How Much Is A 1992 Quarter Worth?

In 1992, several different types of Washington quarters were minted. Most of these quarters are valued somewhere between $1.00 and $16.00.

The most commonly produced coins were clad composition coins. These coins were minted out of nickel and copper.  Also made and minted in 1992 were silver proof quarters made from silver. The silver proof quarters have more value than the clad composition quarters.

In 1992, the US minted the following quarters: the 1992-P quarter, the 1992-D quarter, the 1992-S Proof Quarter, and the 1992-S Silver Proof Quarter. Read on to find out the steps to determining the value of your coin.

Quarter Grading System

To properly determine the value of your quarter, you must first determine if the quarter has been in circulation. The next step is determining the quarter’s “grade.” A grade, in reference to quarters, is the quality in which the quarter currently exists.

Below is a helpful chart that will help you determine the grade of your quarter:

Quarter Grade System Quarter Abbreviation
Good = very worn and faintly readable G 4
Very Good = well worn, lacks fine detail VG 8
Fine = moderately worn, clearly readable F 12
Very Fine = Moderate to minor wear VF 20
Extra Fine = Slightest of wear EF 40
About Uncirculated = minor traces of wear & mint luster is complete AU 55
Mint State 60 = No traces of any wear MS 60
Mint State 66 = Original mint and luster complete MS 66

Clad Composition Quarters

Standard 1992 clad quarters that have been in circulation are worth their face value of $0.25.

However, uncirculated coins are valued between $1.50 – $16.00.

In 1992, the United States minted 384,764,000 quarters in Philadelphia and 389,777,107 quarters in Denver. Coins minted in Philadelphia are minted with the letter “P”, and coins minted in Denver are minted with the letter “D”.

Here are some quick appraisals of different clad composition quarters minted in 1992:

  • 1992-P quarter with an MS 63 grade is valued at around $1.50
  • 1992-P quarter with an MS 65 grade is valued at around $19.00
  • 1992-D quarter with an MS 63 grade is valued at around $1.00
  • 1992-D quarter with an MS 65 grade is valued at around $16.00

Proof Coin Quarters

You won’t be finding any proof quarters in your spare change jar. What sets proof quarters separate from clad quarters is that they contain more detail. The minting process takes longer for these coins. During the minting process, limited planchets are required for production. The result is a coin with even finer detail.

Minted in San Fransisco, there were 2,858,981 quarters minted in the 1992-S Proof Series and 1,317,579 quarters minted in the 1992-S Silver Proof Series. The silver proof quarters are worth, at a minimum, their weight in silver.

Here are some quick appraisals of different proof quarters minted in 1992:

  • 1992-S quarter with a PR 65 condition is valued at around $4.00
  • 1992-S quarter silver proof with a PR 65 grade is valued at around $9.97

Determining the Value of Your 1992 Washington Quarter

Are you still feeling unsure about the quarter you are trying to value? An excellent place to start is by determining whether your quarter is clad composition or a proof coin. Proof coins won’t be found with loose change and will be specially packaged to preserve their integrity.

Examine the quarter carefully and consider using a magnifying mirror to see any minor flaws you might have missed. Take note of the ridges that go along the rim of the quarter. How worn are they?

Next, examine the luster of the quarter. The higher the luster, the less likely you will find any apparent blemishes on the coin. Use the chart below to determine the value of your George Washington 1992 quarter.

Approximate Values of the 1992 George Washington Quarter
Coin condition 1992-P 1992-D 1992-S 1992- SP
G 4 $0.25 $0.25 $0.25 /
VG 8 $0.26 $0.26 $1.20 /
F 12 $0.29 $0.29 $1.80 /
VF 20 $0.30 $0.30 $2.40 /
EF 40 $0.35 $0.35 $3.00 /
AU 55 $0.45 $0.45 $3.60 /
MS 60 $2.30 $3.45 $4.20 /
MS 65 $18.00 $19.00 $4.80 /
PR 65 / / $4.52 $9.97

1992 Washington Quarter Production Facts

The Philadelphia Mint and the Denver Mint both dropped production rates in 1992. Some investors may be thinking a drop in production would mean an increase in value. It turns out, that this is not the case. It is true that proof quarters do hold more value. Clad composition quarters are worth closer to their face value.

During 1992, 770 million quarters were minted between the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint. However, an MS 60 condition or greater coins hold more value than lower graded clad quarters.

1992 quarters containing errors are worth considerably more. If your coin is missing the “in” in the “in God we trust” inscription, you could be holding a precious coin. Another production error is a coin minted without a mint mark (the letters D, P, or S).

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