How Much Is a 5 Cent George Washington Stamp Worth? Numbers Reveal

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

The George Washington stamp design is also known as the “dirty face” or “unshaven” Washington due to its excessive shading around the lower part of his face.

If you are looking to learn how much this stamp is worth and much more, read on!


How much is a 5 cent George Washington stamp worth?

The most valuable George Washington 5 cent stamp value is a 5-cent dollar with an image of George Washington on one side. Its value ranges from $0.60 to $350.05 depending on its grade and condition.

George Washington Set of 4 X 5 Cent Us Postage Stamps Scot #1213a

What is the rarest George Washington stamp?

This extremely rare variation of the 1867 3¢ George Washington stamp in rose is one of America’s most coveted philatelic relics. The last example to sell at auction for a price over $800,000 (£768k).

How much is a 1 cent George Washington stamp worth?

Based on items currently for sale on eBay, $9,999.99 whis is based on the first 100 of 272 results for “george washington 1 cent stamp.”

George Washington’s 1-cent stamp was introduced in 1856. Its most well-known error is the “A” overprint, which was first discovered in the 1840s and has been repeated to this day on a variety of items ranging from postage to greeting cards and beyond.

Can you use 5 cent stamps?

For a century and a half, United States stamps were almost always denominated in value (5 cent, 10 cent, etc.). The US Postal Service now sells non-denominated “forever” stamps for use on first-class and international mail. These stamps are still valid even if the postal rate rises.

What is a Benjamin Franklin one cent stamp worth?

The most common 1¢ green Benjamin Franklin stamps are valued at less than $1 each, although two rotary press types that appear nearly identical to typical flat-plate issues are uncommon and worth thousands of dollars.

Are 3 cent stamps valuable?

The most valuable three-center, an 1867 rose-colored image of George Washington, is worth $45,000 in mint condition. Most old 3-cent stamps sell for less than $50, according to Mr. Katz. “Everyone has them; they were made by the millions.

How do I know if my stamps are valuable?

Stamps are typically more valuable if they have vibrant, new, and unique colors: the value of a stamp’s color fading (caused by water or sunshine) will drastically reduce its worth.

Are old stamps worth any money?

Stamps may be worth a lot of money if they were created before approximately 1960, however this does not make old stamps rarer. While the Penny Black was the first stamp to be released, 68 million were produced and sold, making them neither uncommon.

Which is more valuable an unused postage stamp or an unused stamp?

Unused stamps are almost always in better condition, making them more valuable–the closer to perfect the stamp is, the better! However, there are exceptional cases where a historical stamp with a unique cancellation mark may be worth more than if it had never been used.

What was the price of a US stamp in the 1890s?

The Spanish-American War took place in the United States in the 1890s. As a result, the Bureau used stamps to raise money for this cause and required many other colors. As a result, this stamp has just one hue. Depending on their condition, issues of this stamp may cost anywhere from $725 to $2,500.

When did the prominent Americans stamp come out?

Originally, 18 people were planned to be honored, but seven new individuals were subsequently added. The 4¢ Lincoln stamp was the start of the Prominent Americans Series; it was released on November 10, 1965. During the series, the 6¢ Eisenhower stamp was reissued with an 8¢ value, and the 5¢ Washington stamp was redesigned.

How much does a Christopher Columbus stamp cost?

The value of this stamp ranges between $275 for used issues with minor faults and $2,750 for fresh ones. The $5 Christopher Columbus stamps initially created little interest. Customers bought only 21,844 of the 27,350 produced because they were so uninteresting. The uncancelled stamps were destroyed.

What are the four main elements of a stamp?

The value of a stamp is determined by four factors:

  • The image on the face.
  • The country of origin is usually shown on the face.
  • The perforations on the sheet’s edge where it was fastened to itself.
  • The amount of money that each coin represents.

The components of a stamp’s name are frequently drawn from this list. The image of George Washington on the $2 George Washington stamp, for example, has the inscription 2 US cents.

The most valuable stamps in the world frequently include an error within one of these fundamental elements, known as an error. A stamp mistake, on the other hand, is caused by a mix up in the printing plates during manufacture. Mistakes are generally swiftly discovered and reversed from circulation, enhancing the desirability and value of the affected stamp.

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