Ana Luisa Jewelry Review for 2022

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Ana Luisa is a jewelry company based in Brooklyn, New York. The brand believes in saving the planet and is deeply driven by this primary value. According to the company, there is no unnecessary mining done, and recycled materials are used whenever possible. Plus, the jewelry is produced ethically, priced fairly, and is 100% carbon and water neutral. 

This holistic approach sets Ana Luisa Jewelry apart from other brands. The company even tracks its Greenhouse Gases emissions and the impact of their water usage. 

According to Ana Luisa, 100% of the jewelry with minor defects is donated to Dress for Success, an organization advocating for women’s empowerment. 

To ensure the quality of the jewelry, limited batches are released every Friday, after going through rigorous testing. Chemical, physical, and on-site inspections are done to guarantee safe, nickel-free pieces of jewelry. 


The History of Ana Luisa Jewelry

Founded in 2019, Ana Luisa was launched as a brand that would ‘bring clarity to the jewelry industry’.

The idea behind it was to revolutionize the industry with improved practices. With a major focus on sustainability and sophistication, the founders began their journey with Ana Luisa. 

Ana Luisa Jewelry Review 

Ana Luisa has hundreds of designs of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The materials are typically sourced from recyclable sources, like industrial materials or previously owned jewelry. The jewelry is made in sterling silver, brass, or 14K gold. To ensure the highest ethical standards, the diamonds are lab-grown. 

When it comes to the designs, Ana Luisa is all about elegance. Their pieces exude classiness and stay trendy at the same time. Ana Luisa Jewelry caters to all ages with its sleek and stylish pieces.


Ana Luisa strives to be a sustainable and affordable brand offering top-quality jewelry. Their business model bypasses the traditional, retail markups and keeps the prices as economical as possible. 

The average price of Ana Luisa Jewelry ranges from $39 to $320. However, you can usually find good offers and discounts as high as 60% off on the website. 

The Website

The website has a clean look and is very easy to navigate. If any exclusive offers are ongoing, it is displayed at the front, so you can instantly access the discounted items. Scrolling down, you will come across the popular categories, depending on what you’re looking for i.e. rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

Those on a budget can jump straight to the Under $79 section. There is also a gifting category where you can find sets and bundles. 

You can also use the drop-down menu to navigate across different categories like Trending, Bestsellers, New Arrivals, Back in Stock and Last Chance. You can jump straight to the product type you want as well as different design categories like Zodiac necklaces, Pendant necklaces, Chain necklaces and more.

The gift guide menu also contains a number of categories, such as Holiday gifts, Wedding gifts, Baby Shower gifts and Gifts of Love.

Overall, the website is very neat and user-friendly and is tailored perfectly for convenience. 

The Shopping Experience

Shopping on the website is fairly easy, thanks to a well-designed website. The best part about the experience is looking at products. Clear, high resolution photos of the jewelry are provided.

The best part is, you can also watch a video showcasing the product while it’s worn. The video aspect makes it super fun to look at the products as it offers a more personal and interactive shopping experience. 

The product details such as the material and other components are clearly mentioned along with nicely written product descriptions and instructions for jewelry care. 

If you want to be sure of your purchase, you can scroll further down and read the customer reviews for the selected product. Plus, you can also go through more pictures of the product, adorned by other customers. 

The add-to-cart and ordering process is also very straight-forward and easy.

The Packaging

Staying true to its environment friendly values, Ana Luisa Jewelry comes in a plain box made from 100% recycled paper. Inside the packaging is a message that says, “Something good for the earth. We had a dream making jelwery that doesn’t come at the earth’s expense, and it happened, thanks to you.”

The jewelry pieces come packed safely in a felt pouch. Overall, the packaging is simple yet aesthetic. 

The Returns Policy

Ana Luisa offers a 30 day return policy with a few conditions. The jewelry should be unworn and undamaged when returned. Engraved jewelry and Last Chance items are not eligible for return. 

Bottom Line – Should You Buy from Ana Luisa?

According to reports, customers are generally happy with the quality of their Ana Luisa Jewelry. Their jewelry has a good reputation for looking brand new even after extensive use. And most people are satisfied with the customer service too.

Some people have reported feeling underwhelmed by the simple packaging and a few complaints regarding customer services have been noted.

Overall, Ana Luisa is a trustworthy jewelry brand with high quality products and reasonable prices.  

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