Are Zales Diamonds Real? Answers For You!

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Zales is one of the most well-known jewelry stores in the United States. Zales, as a truly global country, has a very small online presence that contributes to only a tiny portion of their annual income.

Zales is a chain jewelry store that many people like. It’s perfect for those on a tight budget, who don’t want to pay top-of-the-line prices, and enjoy the convenience of buying from a big chain.

Zales offers several advantages including an excellent reputation, payment plans available, 60-day returns, and more.


Are Zales Diamonds Real?

Zales diamonds are real and independently certified by their own brand.

Unfortunately, for that reason, Zale’s jewelry tends to be of lower quality than that certified by the GIA.

However, it’s worth noting, most of their jewelry items carry good and authentic gems and stones.

Zales has an average rating of 4.01 stars from 181 reviews, implying that most consumers are very happy with their purchases.

Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Band Ring, Size 7

Where Do Zales Diamonds Come From?

Zales offers diamonds that are mined in two different ways: Canada and conflict-free zones. The Canadian diamonds come from the northwestern provinces of Canada.

These diamonds are highly admired for their excellent quality and high-grade color and clarity. The mines are located in far-flung regions where deliveries are only possible via an “ice road” for 10 weeks of the year. These diamonds are mined in an ecologically responsible manner using procedures that meet or exceed industry standards.

Conflict-free diamonds are those mined in Brazil and other countries where diamond mining is still underway, such as Botswana, the Kimberly Process has not yet been introduced. Diamonds from conflict-free sources include those that meet the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme’s standards for sustainability and legitimacy, which describe requirements that countries must follow to assure that the gems are mined and delivered in a sustainable and ethical manner.

A certificate should accompany each diamond that confirms that it meets these standards. These gems may be sourced from Australia, Russia, and a few African countries besides Canada.

What are the Reasons to Prefer Zales Jewelry?

Zales has a lot of clients and they give feedback on customer satisfaction every year.

Zales is popular among people for a variety of reasons. Vera Wang, for example, is a great admirer of Zales because of their creativity and uniqueness in thinking.

Zales has a lot of fans for its low prices, and its popularity and demand are not only due to this. It is used to stimulate the thoughts of individuals. The variety of designs changes on a regular basis, with new ones replacing old ones. Zales rushes to debut new and innovative designs and forms.

They’re not only the most current to appeal to crazy, life-loving girls, but they’re also quite modest and traditional to wear on nice events.

The rings are so beautiful that no one can resist buying them. Zales jewelry enthusiasts are drawn to this speciality.

Zales’ jewelry is not intended for a typical gathering or occasion. It offers you a complete alter ego at every event. You may wear Zales jewelry to a crazy current designs friends’ hang-out party. There’s always a chance to put on an attractive diamond ring if you’re at an office dinner.

It caters to its consumers with a wide range of rings, each featuring distinct cut and style diamonds, for engagement. The birthdays, anniversaries, family days occasions, naming bands, live bands, and graduation rings are among the other events it provides. A stunning setting, great lighting, and outstanding jewelry can all add up to a fantastic exhibition.

What is the return policy for Zales?

According to Zales website, You may return your order within 30 days of receiving it.

You can exchange jewelry and timepieces within 60 days and watches within 30 days. Watches received via the Jewelry Replacement Plan are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

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