Brilliant Earth vs Blue Nile: Full Comparison (2022)

Last Updated on June 24, 2022

Diamonds purchased over the internet have grown more popular as retailers have improved their image, video technology, and website usability, while also lowering prices.

Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth are two of the most well-known jewelry sellers. Each currently specializes mostly on the internet, but physical retail locations have been developed in recent years.

Let’s look at Blue Nile vs Brilliant Earth in terms of the most important aspects to your purchase, including their jewelry selection, packaging, and more.

Brilliant Earth vs Blue Nile

The main differences between Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile are:

  • While Blue Nile offers a diamond buyback program Brilliant Earth does not.
  • For the phone and live chat support, Blue Nile offers 24/7 whereas Brilliant Earth is only available 7AM to 7PM (PT). You can have a live chat or send them a message on their website.
  • Blue Nile offers a larger selection of diamonds compared to Brilliant Earth.
  • Brilliance offers more “conflict free” diamonds compared to Blue Nile.
  • Brilliant Earth is offering more lab grown diamond diamonds compared to Blue Nile.
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Brilliant Earth vs Blue Nile: Quality of Jewelry

Is Blue Nile jewelry good quality?

Blue Nile’s diamonds are genuine. Blue Nile sells GIA diamonds, you can have confidence in their assessment.

But it’s easy to see why someone shopping for a diamond would be wary when they cost less than real diamonds at brick-and-mortar stores. The main difference is in the business model. Blue Nile, like other digital jewelry retailers such as James Allen or With Clarity, does not have the overhead expenses of traditional diamond merchants, and these savings are passed on to consumers.

Over 120,000 diamonds are available on the official website of the world’s largest online diamond vendor, Blue Nile. Not as much as their competitor James Allen, but certainly enough to guarantee you’ll find something that fits your taste and pocketbook.

Blue Nile sells lab-created diamonds. All of Blue Nile’s diamonds are natural, and they have the most round diamonds available. By far, the most popular engagement ring shape is rounds (rounds). They also sell oval, heart, Asscher, emerald, princess, cushion, marquise, pear, and radiant diamonds if you’re searching for something more unusual.

Is Brilliant Earth jewelry good quality?

GCAL, IGI, and GIA diamonds are all available from Brilliant Earth. They provide the entire certificate on their websites.

Brilliant Earth has teamed up with Tacori, the world’s top-producing setting manufacturer. You can have diamonds placed inside the ring’s interior face, which is a Tacori signature crescent style.

When it comes to their diamond imaging technology, Brilliant Earth has made significant progress in the last year. For many of their diamonds, you can now view a 360 ‘Interactive Real Diamond Video’ rather than a stock sample image.

Brilliant Earth vs Blue Nile: Which has the best packaging?

The Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile packing is high-quality, yet has distinct styles. Brilliant Earth uses responsibly sourced wood ring boxes. They are made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods, ensuring a good environmental impact. Even after you’ve proposed, the packaging is high-quality, so you can store the ring in it.

You won’t have to worry about spoiling the surprise because it comes unmarked, and it includes all of the required paperwork, such as the grading report.

Diamond rings and other jewelry from Blue Nile come in their own distinctive packaging. The boxes for rings are simple dark blue or white packages with the company name printed on the inside and top.

GIA reports and appraisals for each item are available, depending on what you’ve bought.

Brilliant Earth vs Blue Nile: Return Policies and Warranty

Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile have similar return policies and warranties.

Brilliant Earth allows you to return your jewelry for a full refund within 30 days, including rings, loose diamonds, and loose gemstones.

Custom apparel, however, is not within their coverage. Excluded products include those that have been customized, etched, or resized. Custom jewelry is also excluded.

The warranty from Brilliant Earth does not cover wear and tear, the loss of the stone, or theft. It focuses on problems that occur throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in a product that does not look or function as intended.

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Blue Nile has similar exclusions on their return policy. If you’re not happy with your purchase within 30 days, you may get a full refund.

Both firms even pay for return shipping and provide reimbursement for the costs of returning the item. They also provide lifetime warranties on manufacturing flaws.

The warranty from Blue Nile focuses on manufacturing defects. You may have the item examined. They may repair or replace the item depending on the evaluation.

If they think it isn’t covered by the warranty, they’ll provide a quote for its repair.

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