Do Straight Guys Get belly Button Piercings? Full Answer

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Body modifications in the form of piercing and tattoos have become mainstream in recent times.

This includes belly piercing which was preferred by women or gay men only before but nowadays it’s common to find straight men with their bellies pierced as well.

Historically speaking, in ancient Egyptian times, navel piercing was very popular as the Egyptian pharaohs and aristocrats thought to believe that the navel rings represented manliness and fearlessness. For them, belly piercing also symbolized earthly life to eternity transition ritual.

You would think that getting a belly button piercing would make a man uncomfortable, however, speaking from a personal experience, I had a male friend who was once dared to get his belly pierced and he went ahead with it and got it done. We all thought he’ll regret it but after seeing how it looked, he ended up absolutely loving it and so did we!

Go ahead and read on further where you’ll find out whether men who identify as straight like to get their belly button pierced or not.


Do guys get belly button piercings?

Navel piercing is not limited to one specific gender, so, if you’re a straight guy wanting to get a belly piercing but are scared to do so, I would highly recommend you to go ahead and get it done and not worry about what other people have to say about it.

Previously, a man having his belly pierced was associated with them being gay. However, in recent times this kind of thinking has changed and now men who are straight are becoming open and choosing to get the navel rings.

Nowadays, a lot of straight men including famous celebrities have started to get the belly button piercing. So, when getting the navel ring don’t worry about your gender or sexual orientation as anyone should be able to get whatever piercing they want and rock it confidently.

Are there fake belly button piercings?

If for whatever reason such as not being comfortable with the idea of getting a piercing in general, scared of the pain, or wanting an idea of how it looks on you before you get it done, you can start off with getting a fake belly button piercing. This can work as an amazing alternative option as fake navel rings are as stylish as the real deal!

So, If you’re not ready yet for the permanent belly button piercing, you can go ahead and buy a glue the rhinestones whether large or small, depending on your choice on your belly to give the same look. This will help you to make the decision of whether it suits you and if you want to get the actual belly button piercing or not.

What does a belly ring symbolize?

A belly ring gives a very aesthetic look that attracts people to get it. For some people, getting their belly pierced could be a way of them expressing rebellion against what is considered the social norm. It represents the freedom of choice, how you don’t and shouldn’t care nor fear about what opinions others will have about you.

You can get a navel piercing directly in your navel or the surrounding area, the most common place where people choose to get the piercing is on the top of the rim of the belly button.

Is it weird for a guy to get his belly button pierced?

It is one hundred percent not weird at all for a guy to get his belly button pierced. Piercing is a form of self-expression so it’s everyone’s individual choice whether they want to get it done or not. So, don’t let anyone stop you from decorating your body with the belly button jewels if that’s what you’re into.

Male celebrities who have belly button piercing

Celebrities hold a lot of power in terms of having a lot of people looking up to them. If you find out your favorite male celebrity has gotten a belly button piercing, you’re more likely to accept it easily and will be able to get the courage to get yours done too.

Though not many, some of the male celebrities that have a belly button piercing include Stefan Koubek who’s an Australian tennis play. Apart from him, there’s also Dennis Rodman

who’s a former American professional basketball player who confidently shows off his majestic belly button piercing!

So, when the question, “do straight men wear belly button rings” arises in your head, the answer will be yes, yes they do. Although many are still not open to the idea or hide the fact they have the navel rings, it’s becoming more widely accepted by the society that having a belly button ring is something that’s not limited to women only but men can also look as good in it.

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