When Does Blue Nile Have Sales in 2023?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Blue Nile, a jewelry company based in the United States, is known for their luxury jewelry and offer everything from necklaces to wedding rings to bracelets. Their engagement rings are especially well-known in the jewelry world. Lucky for us, they also offer diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces, so there is pretty much something for every jewelry collector out there.

It’s not always a cheap hobby, this jewelry collecting, which might leave you wondering: Does Blue Nile have sales? And—perhaps even more importantly—when does Blue Nile have sales?

Blue Nile actually has sales at multiple times during the year most notably during the holiday season.

In the past, Blue Nile has had sales during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas/New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. In addition to their annual sales, Blue Nile also offers a discount just for subscribing to their email list.

Keep reading if you wish to discover more detail regarding when you can expect sales at Blue Nile, approximately how much you can expect to pay during said sales, and the availability of Blue Nile in Canada!


When Does Blue Nile Have Sales?

Blue Nile has sales mainly during the holiday season.

Of course, these sales only apply to particular jewelry pieces—it is not too often that Blue Nile has a sale on their diamonds, for instance—but they offer impressive discounts on some of their other luxury jewelry items including tennis bracelets, rose gold jewelry, and their “Build Your Own” jewelry options.

Blue Nile has annual sales during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas/New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. The discounts change based on the occasion—Black Friday and Cyber Monday are probably the most popular shopping days of the year in the United States, so some of the largest sales at Blue Nile take place at this time—and they may also change from year-to-year, too.

The discounts below are representative of past sales at Blue Nile and may not necessarily align with what is to come for this upcoming year (but we can hope, can’t we?).

Blue Nile Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

As with most retailers, Blue Nile offers discounted prices on some of their items on Black Friday/Cyber Monday in mid-November (around Thanksgiving). In the past, Blue Nile has discounted their tennis bracelets and earrings quite heavily (sometimes as much as 50% off).

Blue Nile Christmas/New Year’s Sale

Not too long after Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Blue Nile also begins offering discounted prices on some items for the holiday season including Christmas and New Year’s. As with their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, Blue Nile has offered as much as 50% off on select items during the holiday season.

Another bonus of waiting for Christmas and New Year’s sales with Blue Nile is that they sometimes put their diamond jewelry on sale during these times (you might be able to snag yourself a diamond tennis bracelet for around 20% off at this time).

Blue Nile Valentine’s Day Sale

Although the sales at Blue Nile are not quite as extravagant on Valentine’s Day as they are during other annual sales, they tend to offer discounts up to 40% on Valentine’s Day.

Necklaces and bracelets are your best bet on Valentine’s Day, but Blue Nile is always changing up their sales, so you may be pleasantly surprised when you check out their Valentine’s Day sale, or any of their annual sales for that matter.

How Often Does Blue Nile Have Sales?

Blue Nile has their major holiday sales—Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas/New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day—on an annual basis.

However, it is also worth noting that you can simply search their website for sales, as well, at any time of the year. I’ve stumbled across a few good deals at Blue Nile at various times of year on top of the regular holiday sales.

Blue Nile Promo Code/Discount

Aside from their luxury jewelry, Blue Nile is also known for the discounts that they offer using promo codes, which they send out to their subscriber email list on a regular basis.

Join the Blue Nile Email List

As with most subscriber email lists, Blue Nile’s email list is completely free. All you have to do is simply go to their website, add your email address to their subscriber email list when prompted, and begin receiving emails from Blue Nile.

There’s not really any downside to signing up for it, and it also helps ensure that you are among the first to know about any special sales or deals they might be offering in the near future.

Blue Nile Promo Code

When you subscribe to Blue Nile’s email list, you automatically get $50 off your first purchase, which is a pretty hefty discount in and of itself.

Once you are subscribed to their email list—on top of the $50 you get off of your first purchase—Blue Nile also sends out reminders regarding their sales and promo codes that you can use whenever you see fit. When you’re doing your online shopping, the promo codes can be entered at checkout to receive a discount.

Unfortunately—for us jewelry collectors, anyway—you often cannot use more than one promo code at a time during the holiday season, so it is best to choose your promo code wisely during these times. Promo codes obviously expire at some point, but if you are subscribed to their email list then you will likely receive promo codes at least a few times a year, anyway.

Blue Nile in Canada

Blue Nile is based in the United States: Many of their jewelry pieces are handcrafted in Seattle.

Blue Nile does not only cater to their American jewelry collectors, though. They also sell their jewelry online and ship across the border to Canada. To make it easy for Canadian purchasers, you can even view all of Blue Nile’s pricing in Canadian dollars—in addition to the standard American dollar—on their website.

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