When Does Brilliant Earth Have Sales in 2022?

Last Updated on June 24, 2022

Popular online engagement jewelry retailer Brilliant Earth is known for its large collection of ethically sourced and sustainable engagement jewelry.

Here is a look at when buyers can expect to find sales and promotions from Brilliant Earth.

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When does Brilliant Earth have sales?

It’s no secret that Brilliant Earth rarely places its extensive collection of ethically sourced and high-quality luxury engagement jewelry on sale. However, Brilliant Earth does offer some annual sales throughout the year and has excellent freebie opportunities.

The typical Brilliant Earth sale pattern occurs quarterly around major holidays, such as:

New Years

Ring in the new year with a stunning diamond ring by shopping sales around the new year. Brilliant Earth typically offers promotions around New Years Day that may include a free item with qualifying purchase.

Valentine’s Day

Another popular holiday for sales at Brilliant Earth is Valentine’s Day. Expect to see discounted prices or promotional offers around mid-February.

Black Friday

Popular and by far one of the largest shopping days of the year, Black Friday sales at Brilliant Earth are a great opportunity to snag free gifts and discounts of up to 20% on selected items.

Cyber Monday

Another promising sales day for Brilliant Earth is Cyber Monday. Be sure to check the Brilliant Earth website for discounts and current promotions.


Early December is a great time to check for Brilliant Earth discounts, sales, and promotions. Holiday sales often include a free gift with the purchase of qualifying items.

Freebie Promotions

Brilliant Earth is known for offering free promotional items, such as a pair of diamond-studded earrings, with the purchase of a qualifying item. Make sure to check the Brilliant Earth website for the latest promotional offers.

What to Know About Brilliant Earth Sales

A Brilliant Earth sale usually happens once per quarter around a major holiday. Sales rarely include discounts on loose diamonds or gemstones, but shoppers can take advantage of promotional offers and receive free items with their purchases.

Be sure to always check the Brilliant Earth website for promotional updates.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Make the Most of a Brilliant Earth Sale

Brilliant Earth sales come as quickly as they go.

Follow these simple tips to ensure that you benefit from the rare sales or promotional opportunities offered by Brilliant Earth:

Get Social

Follow Brilliant Earth on social media platforms to hear about upcoming sales events and promotions or sign up for the Brilliant Earth newsletter or affiliate marketing program to earn rewards.

Check the Brilliant Earth Website

Checking the Brilliant Earth website for promotions is another great way to find out about sales and discounts from Brilliant Earth.

Know What You’re Shopping For

Be sure to utilize the short window for sales opportunities with Brilliant Earth by having a clear vision of what you’re looking to purchase. Designing your ring ahead of time can help ensure that you grab a Brilliant Earth piece at a great price.

Shop Around the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the best seasons to shop for engagement jewelry. Shoppers will typically see sales, promotions, and discount opportunities popping up during the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Look for Discount Codes

Browse online discount resources for discount codes and other promotions. Additionally, utilize search engines to locate promotions and other coupon codes to apply to your Brilliant Earth order.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Brilliant Earth Sales Recap

A Brilliant Earth sale is an excellent opportunity to receive promotional discounts and items from the luxury engagement jewelry retailer.

Be sure to check the Brilliant Earth website for current promotions and shop around the holidays to get the biggest discounts available.