Can You Wear Glasses With A Bridge Piercing? (ANSWERED!)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Piercings are a new form of changing your look and bringing a new you out. Piercings have also worked miraculously in boosting the confidence of many people who were insecure about their looks and body. This is why piercings are known in every part of the world.

Bridge piercings are done horizontally across the bridge of your nose, basically on the skin between your eyes. Many people who wear glasses are scared of getting bridge piercings. However, it is safe to wear glasses with a bridge piercing.

You just have to make sure that the glasses sit properly on your nose and the piercing doesn’t interfere with the bridge of the spectacles. Otherwise, you can wear glasses with a bridge piercing.


Can You Wear Glasses With A Bridge Piercing?

Many people around the world who are spectacle wearers refrain from getting a bridge piercing.

Piercings would never interfere with your glasses if positioned properly at the top of your nose.

You can wear glasses easily with a bridge piercing on but make sure the bridge of your glasses doesn’t interfere with the piercing. Feel free to wear glasses with the bridge piercing.

Is Bridge Piercing Painful?

Some people think the piercing will go through your entire nose and the bone. That is not the case, the piercing goes through the skin on the top of the nose and between the eyes. The amount of skin there makes it sufficient enough for a piercing to go through.

As there is not enough flesh with the skin, the piercing is almost pain-free. It doesn’t feel much when the piercing does through the skin.

Is Bridge Piercing Harmful?

Bridge piercing is a risky piercing due to the place it is done at. If you get a vertical bridge piercing, then the risk of rejection is high for this one. The horizontal piercing may be a safer option then.

The risk of scarring is also high when is piercing jewelry is removed. Bridge piercing needs extreme aftercare. Otherwise, it may affect the area and the nervous system under the skin.

Can A Bridge Piercing Paralyze Your Face?

Face paralysis is not a baseline risk for bridge piercing. It is not proven that bridge piercing can lead to facial paralysis. However, there may be chances of paralysis via an infection.

This is why bridge piercing needs extreme aftercare as it is a sensitive position.

What Does A Rejecting Bridge Piercing Look Like?

Some signs may appear of the bridge piercing rejection. Piercing appearing inside the skin is one of the major and most common signs of piercing rejection. This is how it shows if the piercing is rejecting the jewelry.

The skin may become red, sore, and irritate while this happens. Even if the piercing starts getting dry, the signs of rejection may start to appear.

How Long Does A Bridge Piercing Last?

The bridge piercing heals up in 12 weeks, therefore you shouldn’t consider changing your jewelry before the first 12 weeks. However, sometimes it may heal up in 10 weeks. It depends on the skin reaction.

Will A Bridge Piercing Close?

Bridge piercing will eventually close. It takes a few months for the skin to close the entry points of the skin. However, the worst feature of bridge piercing is that it leaves scars after the points close. The scars will remain for the rest of your life but someone has to look very closely to notice them.

How Do You Know If The Bridge Piercing Is Infected?

Infection on the bridge piercing is the last thing one would ever want. If you think it is infected there is a way to figure out if it is or not.

If the piercing area is warm to the touch and the skin is extremely red, it is infected. The other symptoms include red streaks protruding from it and if the area has discolored pus. The pus color would be somewhere around a brown or green tint.

Is The Piercing Visible With Glasses On?

This may be the reason why many people don’t wear glasses with the bridge piercing. Thinking that the glasses might hide the piercing. However, it is not the case.

If the glasses are positioned properly and don’t interfere with the glasses the piercing may be visible. If the bridge piercing is a bit low, then it may affect the position of the glasses. However, the majority of the piercings are done on the top of your nose so there may be a place left for the glasses to sit.

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