Is A Sideburn Tattoo A Face Tattoo? Complete Explanation

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

There are many different types of tattoos you can get in this world because of the high number of artists. For instance, you can get neck tattoos to improve your look. Besides that, you may also get an arm ink such as a two stripes tattoo.

Another type you can get is a sideburn tattoo on your face. The top thing to know is that many celebrities have such ink. A prime example is the cross tattoo near Justin Bieber’s eye to signify his Christian beliefs.

Do you want to know whether a sideburn tattoo is a true face tattoo? Or do you want to understand what exactly this ink is? Whatever the case, no need to ponder anymore. Here is everything you need to know about a sideburn tattoo.


Is A Sideburn Tattoo A Face Tattoo?

A sideburn tattoo is a face tattoo because it is made on your cheek. However, the ink is closer to the ear instead of the center of your jaw. This is why the tattoo is called a sideburn tattoo. The top thing to note is you can get any design for this ink.

The best thing about a sideburn tattoo is that it is one of the most famous face tattoos currently. This is because of the clean look the ink offers to you. Besides that, a sideburn tattoo is not visible properly when someone faces you from the front.

You should keep in mind that the low visibility is the top reason behind this tattoo’s popularity. It can also make you more socially acceptable and get a job with more ease. A sideburn tattoo is a face tattoo that is mainly made in a vertical design.

How Painful Is A Sideburn Tattoo?

Tattoos can be highly painful or not painful at all depending on their placement. A sideburn tattoo is relatively less painful than other face tattoos because of its good placement. Typically, the pain level can be anywhere from six to eight depending on the position.

The sideburn tattoo area is more bearable than other parts of the face because of the thicker skin. This is why it has a pain rating of six. Meanwhile, the sides of the face have relatively more sensitive skin.

Thus, the face sides have a pain rating of seven or more depending on your threshold. Lastly, the crown is the most sensitive region of your face and comes with a pain rating of 8 or above. These factors can help you choose the least painful side for your face sideburn tattoo.

What Is Considered A Face Tattoo?

A tattoo is considered a face tattoo if the ink is on any part of your faces such as chin, nose, and forehead. Besides that, the sideburn tattoo is also considered a face tattoo because it is on the sides of your face. Anything on your head also counts as face ink.

You should keep in mind that face tattoos have different names because of their varying positions. For instance, ink on your sides closer to the ear is a face tattoo. Moreover, temple tattoos also come under the face category because of this forehead placement.

Simply put, a face tattoo is ink that is on your face regardless of the position. This means that designs under your eye, side temple, head, and much more are face tattoos.

Are Face Tattoos Common?

Tattoos have increased in popularity over the years because of style, powerful messages, and much more. However, face inks are the least common because of the controversial placement. Besides that, it is also not as socially acceptable as other designs.

Besides that, a face tattoo such as a sideburn tattoo can also limit your career options. This is because companies tend to hire people with a neater face because of client interactions. Tattoos can be intimidating and a distraction for many partners.

Why You Should Not Tattoo Your Face?

A sideburn tattoo may be popular and stylish because of its unique designs. However, that does not make it safer or more acceptable. This is because the skin region of the face is highly sensitive to touch.

The artist can also cause permanent scarring if they put the needle too deep while making the tattoo. Besides that, the skin region is also highly sensitive and more fragile. So it is best to avoid getting a sideburn tattoo or any other ink for your face.

You should also keep in mind that tattooing your face can come with high criticism. This is because the designs are the least socially acceptable in modern times.

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