Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water? My Honest, Tested Answer

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Black tourmaline is very unique-looking in the crystal, gem, stone, and mineral collecting world: It’s pure black—but can sometimes appear dark blue in certain lights—and almost looks like a stack of glass shards stacked on top of one another.

Because black tourmaline has such a unique appearance, you’ll likely want to do whatever it takes to keep it looking vibrant and clean, which brings about the question: When you do want to clean your black tourmaline, can it go in water?

Yes, black tourmaline can go in water. However, it’s not necessarily recommended, especially for extended periods of time.

Just like black tourmaline has a unique appearance, its composition, too, is unique. If you’re interested in discovering more about the composition of your black tourmaline and why it is not necessarily a good idea to put it in water, then read on!


Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water?

It’s true: Black tourmaline can go in water.

On the Mohs Hardness Scale, black tourmaline definitely leans into the harder side of minerals sitting between a 7 and 8, which means you generally don’t have to worry about it dissolving in water.

The main concern with putting black tourmaline in water comes from its composition and impurities. Black tourmaline can often include other metals and minerals that are water soluble or have chemical reactions when put in water.

Black tourmaline—although a silicate crystal—can oftentimes contain other metals and minerals such as iron and manganese, aluminum and lithium, and potassium and boron.

What Happens if Black Tourmaline Goes in Water?

Because of the impurities often found in black tourmaline, unwanted chemical reactions can sometimes happen when it is placed in water for extended periods of time.

Iron is quite a common impurity in black tourmaline, and we all know what happens when iron spends too much time soaking in water: It rusts. To avoid rusting your black tourmaline, it is ideal not to place it in water baths for long periods of time. If possible, avoid water baths altogether.

If you do wish to wash your black tourmaline in water, it is best that you only rinse it in filtered or tap water for only a few moments, and only when absolutely necessary. Luckily, there are some other methods you can use to clean your black tourmaline such as placing it next to other high energy stones or crystals in your collection or practicing some heavy breathwork around it.

Smudging is also a common cleansing method for black tourmaline.

Can Black Tourmaline Go in Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt baths are not recommended for black tourmaline. In fact, it is generally not a good idea to put any stone, crystal, gem, or mineral in any body of saltwater as it could cause damage.

It is particularly important that you keep your black tourmaline out of saltwater, though, because it is known to be very brittle in structure. Saltwater perpetuates breaking and cracking in black tourmaline since salt molecules might get stuck between tiny cracks and gaps, which ultimately widens them.

If you do happen to spill saltwater on your black tourmaline or drop it into a body of saltwater, there is no need for immediate panic. You can simply retrieve the black tourmaline, rinse it in filtered or tap water as soon as possible, and dry it off with a cloth.

What is Black Tourmaline Used for?

People generally like to rinse their black tourmaline in water because—yes—it keeps it clean, but also because water has the ability to recharge its positive energy and flush out negative energy.

You might now be wondering: What kind of energy does black tourmaline have and what is it used for?

Like many other crystals, stones, gems, and minerals, black tourmaline has unique energetic properties. Black tourmaline is well-known for its grounding energy and protective properties. It’s also said to have extensive physical benefits, as well, such as promoting circulation in the body, providing organ support, and aiding the immune system.

Perhaps this is why so many people have black tourmaline in their collection: Not only does it have a unique and stunning appearance, but it also has energetic properties that can be utilized to improve your everyday life.

So, if you are looking for a stone, crystal, gem, or mineral that provides positive energy on a day-to-day basis while also keeping you grounded, then black tourmaline may be your best option.

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