Can Clear Quartz Go In Water, Sun And Salt? (Full Answer)

Last Updated on February 27, 2022

With a rate of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Clear Quartz is a durable mineral that can withstand water. In fact, some healers dip the Clear Quartz into the water to enhance the stone’s healing properties.

Clear Quartz is widely used for healing, cleansing and protection purposes. The crystal is a cleansing stone to cleanse negativity and purify energies. Clear Quartz also amplifies the energy of other crystals and stones.

Due to its cleansing and energizing properties, Clear Quartz is a popular choice for crystal grids and healing layouts. To discover more about Clear Quartz, check out the article below as we answer the questions below:

  • Can I wash my Clear Quartz?
  • What happens if you put Quartz in water?


Can Clear Quartz Go In Water?

Essentially, stones with Mohs hardness of 7 or more can go in the water. Clear Quartz has a hardness of 7, so it is safe to put in water without damage.

Clear Quartz is a transparent or translucent mineral consisting of silicon and oxygen. It has a clear or white color and has a vitreous luster.

Clear Quartz usually forms in hexagonal prisms with a six-sided pyramid at the end. The sides of these crystals are often striated or marked with parallel lines.

Clear Quartz has a long history of use in jewelry and decorative objects.

Clear Quartz is also popular for meditation, reiki, and spiritual healing in metaphysical communities. In crystal therapy, Clear Quartz is used to clear foggy thinking, attain wisdom, and strengthen memory.

Most healers dip the Clear Quartz into the water and then cleanse other crystals. It is also used as a part of energy grids and healing layouts. However, note that Clear Quartz cannot withstand some different types of water.


While Clear Quartz has a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is still susceptible to damage when exposed to saltwater. Over time, if enough salt accumulates on the surface of the Quartz, it can start to corrode and tear down the stone, affecting its appearance.

If the Clear Quartz had already come into contact with saltwater, rinse it thoroughly under regular water and pat dry it off with a soft cloth.


Rainwater does not contain any salt, so it is safe on Clear Quartz. As a natural source of water, rainwater is beneficial for cleaning and maintaining your crystals. You can collect rainwater in a container or use it straight from the sky.

Hot water

Although it does not have any benefit, Clear Quartz can withstand high temperatures. Placing it in boiled water will not harm the stone nor change its properties. However, prolonged exposure to heat can cause your Quartz to become hot that it would be difficult to touch and handle.

Moon Water

According to metaphysical beliefs, moon water is said to charge and cleanse crystals, so adding Clear Quartz to it is thought to amplify its effects.

Provided that there are no salt or chemical additives in moon water, it is generally considered safe for Clear Quartz. Simply place the Clear Quartz in a container of moon water and let it sit overnight. You can use the charged water to cleanse other crystals in the morning.

Can I Wash My Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz can be easily cleaned in water. Depending on the degree of dirt or residue, cleaning can be done differently.

If the Clear Quartz has a light dusting of dirt, you can utilize a toothbrush to scrub the surface. Then, place it under the sunlight or air dry before storing it.

If there is heavy residue or gunk on the Clear Quartz, it can be placed in warm water with dish soap. Soak overnight before scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Rinse off the Clear Quartz and allow it to air dry.

Remember not to use any cleaning product on your Clear Quartz, which may damage the surface.

What Happens If You Put Quartz In Water?

From a scientific perspective, there will be no significant effect on the water if you put Clear Quartz in it. The Quartz will not dissolve and will remain unchanged. In fact, if you place Clear Quartz in water, it will actually become more clear and pure.

Clear Quartz is often used in healing to purify and cleanse energy, so putting it in water can help clear the energy of your body and mind. Clear Quartz is often used in reiki, so placing it in your bathtub or shower could benefit a person who suffers from depression, anxiety or stress.

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