Can Fluorite Go In Water, Sun And Salt?

Last Updated on February 27, 2022

Fluorite is a soft mineral with a rating of 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so leaving it in water for extended periods can cause some damage.

Fluorite is a powerful energy cleanser and can clear away negative energies from both people and spaces. It’s also known to boost intuition and psychic abilities, making it a famous stone for meditation and spiritual work.

If you’re looking to add some fluorite into your crystal collection, there are a few things you should know by scrolling through the article below.

  • What happens when you put fluorite in water?
  • Can fluorite be washed with water?
  • Is fluorite crystal toxic?
  • Is fluorite toxic to handle?


Can Fluorite Go In Water?

The hardness of the fluorite is quite low, so it cannot be placed in water for long periods.

Fluorite is made of calcium fluoride. It is a soft mineral with only a rating of 4 on Mohs scale of hardness.

This means that fluorite can be scratched by any ordinary object, like a coin or glass. In addition, one thing to consider when putting your crystal in water is how long you will leave the crystal in water.

Since fluorite is a soft mineral, knowing what types of water can contact this delicate crystal is essential.


Given that the fluorite has the chemical composition of calcium fluoride, it is not surprising that a reaction takes place when saltwater comes in contact with the fluorite.

The saltwater causes the fluorite to deteriorate and cause pores to form. The pores can then allow saltwater to infiltrate the fluorite, which can cause it to deteriorate even more.

Since the effects would be irreversible, you should avoid using fluorite in areas where saltwater is present.

Moon water

Leaving fluorite in moon water overnight can potentially reduce its strength. Since fluorite is often used in healing rituals, it is relatively safe for the crystal to contact moon water, but only briefly.

Simply put the fluorite in a glass of moon water and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, pat it dry with a soft cloth and ensure that all moisture has been removed.

If there are still traces of moisture on the crystal, it should be placed in an area with low humidity and those areas where a lot of sunlight is present to allow any remaining water to evaporate.

Bath water

Fluorite is soft and cannot be placed in bath water for a prolonged period. Otherwise, it may result in skin irritation and scratching the stone’s surface.

Moreover, the chemical composition of fluorite may react with the ingredients of bath soap and other bath additives, which can be toxic. It is, therefore, advisable to keep fluorite away from bath water.

What Happens When You Put Fluorite In Water?

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When fluorite is put into water, the crystal will most likely dissolve because it is soft and water-soluble.

Fluorite is a crystal, so it will look like little bits of things floating around the water when dissolved. It usually does not change the color of the water much, but it can make it a little cloudy.

The dissolved fluorite will not have any real impact on the water, except that it may slightly increase the pH level.

Can Fluorite Be Washed With Water?

The fluorite mineral can be washed with water, but it is essential to use clean and pure water. You should also avoid using saltwater because it will deteriorate the crystal.

Also, fluorite should not be soaked in water for too long because it can absorb and become brittle. This is because fluorite is soft, which makes it vulnerable to moisture. When fluorite absorbs too much water, it will start to chip or crack easily.

Is Fluorite Crystal Toxic?

Fluorite does not have any toxic side effects, but it can cause problems if you consume too much of it. When you ingest too much fluorite, your body becomes overloaded with the mineral and can cause problems.

As of the moment, few studies have been made on the subject of fluorite toxicity with a fluorite crystal. Ingesting the crystal is only possible by making it into a powder that can be inhaled or swallowed.

There are no known side effects of ingesting fluorite crystal for now, but you should not do it as a precautionary measure.

Is Fluorite Toxic To Handle?

Fluorite is not toxic to handle with your bare hands. Fluorite is already in the mineral form of calcium fluoride and has stable chemical bonding. It is not harmful to your skin and will not cause any allergic reaction.

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