Can You Get Piercings Like Pain from Naruto? (Find Out)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Are you Naruto fan? Well, you’ll be quite interested in this one then. We’re going to be talking about the infamous character from Naruto, Pain.

Yes, you read that right. Pain is perhaps one of the most intriguing characters of the show that keeps it going. This has to do with the strength the character showcases, which is the entire result of the Rinnegan he’s got. 

Talking about Pain, his alias is Nagato, and he’s got quite a unique appearance that makes his viewers enjoy his character even more. He’s got multiple piercings on his body, and they’re all quite fascinating. I surely have been quite amazed by the different piercings he’s got all over. 

Here, we’ll be discussing multiple aspects when it comes to Pain’s piercings and whether you can get similar piercings for yourself. Not only this, but we’re going to also figure out whether these piercings have any symbolic reference that we can derive from the show. 


Can You Get Piercings Like Pain from Naruto?

Now, you must be wondering whether it’s possible for you to get the same piercings that Pain has in Naruto. The answer is, yes you can to a certain extent. The ones on the ears are pretty simple and easy to pull off. You can get the metal bar piercing through your ear quite easily. 

Let’s move on to the lip piercings. The lip piercings Pain has are called Ashley piercings and they depend from person to person. Typically, they’re not too difficult to get done either, and you’ll be able to schedule an appointment with a piercing professional to get this done easily. These aren’t the same for every person as they’re highly dependent on the anatomy of a person. 

Pain also has nose piercings, and these are perhaps one of the most painful ones to get. If you’re up for a little discomfort, then take your chances and get those three studs on your nose like Pain. However, you should know that the healing process for nose piercings is perhaps the longest compared to the other two. So, you’ll need to extra cautious after you get this done. 

What Piercings Does Pain from Naruto Have?

Let’s get started with what type of piercings Pain has in Naruto. The number of piercings he has is about six to ten, and they’re all different locations that are super unique. Nowadays, you’ll find plenty of people donning multiple piercings on their body, similar to what Pain’s piercings look like. 

Pain’s piercings include metal bars that passed through each of its ear, spike studs at the end of its bottom lip, one on the upper wrist, a few under its neck, three nose studs, and more. When you think about it, the character really had some unique placements when it came to piercings. But what’s the reason for Pain to have this many piercings? Is there a meaning behind all of this? 

Why Does Pain Have Many Piercings in Naruto?

While in today’s world piercings are more of a fashion statement and showcase a certain level of liberty to do what people want with their body, the underlying reason is quite different when it comes to Pain’s piercings. Pain doesn’t have piercings as a way to attract Digimon waifu either. So, what could be the best explanation for its piercings? 

Well, according to the show, the piercings on Pain’s body are considered to be a type of antenna that transfers the chakra of the actual Pain movers. Yes, that does sound a little confusing. In simple terms, Pain is the leader of Akatsuki, and so he should have a unique personality. The write gave him piercings to bring out his character even more. 

Essentially, the piercings represent that he’ll be willing to make his body suffer in the process of achieving his goal. You can clearly see why those piercings are highly relevant to bring out his character in the best way. 

Should You Get All Your Piercings Done at the Same Time?

All of the piercings cause some kind of discomfort, and so you will need to make sure that you’re taking care of your piercings regularly. One thing that you should also consider is getting your piercings done separately. Wait for one to heal before you get the second one to avoid excessive discomfort for yourself.

This is also dependent on your pain threshold. So, if you believe that you can take more piercings in a day and care for them for the next few weeks, then go ahead. 

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