What Is The Loser Lover Tattoo From? (Tattoo Meaning)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Tattoo is the best and most popular way to represent yourself and the feeling you have towards something or someone.

You can say many things without actually saying anything by the help of your tattoo. Love, affection, lust, fear, and etc. 

The unique feature of the loser lover tattoo is that it has been inspired by a Hollywood movie. The movie is called IT and was released in 2017.

After the movie was released, the loser lover tattoo rose into demand is done by thousands of people around the world.

LOSER LOVER [Explicit]


What Is The Loser Lover From?  

The loser lover tattoo first appeared in the movie named IT in 2017. IT is a supernatural horror movie and based on the novel by Stephen King. The movie is a blockbuster and has been seen my millions of people. 

The tattoo was imprinted on the main lead male actor of the movie. The character or the tattoo owner in the movie is called IT or mainly known as the pennywise clown.

What Does The Loser Lover Tattoo Mean?

The loser lover tattoo is a very deep meaning tattoo. It represents the insecurity, or betrayal the owner had by their partner.

The tattoo can also be used if someone has been bullied by their partner and has made them feel like a loser in love.

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Do You Need To Get Your Heart Broken To Get The Loser Lover Tattoo?

An interesting question but no you don’t have to do that to yourself just to get a tattoo. You can also get the loser lover tattoo in support of the IT clown in IT movie. 

Even if you don’t like clowns and are easily scared by them, but are a fan of the movie and loved it. Getting the tattoo would represent the love you have for the movie and how big a fan you are. 

How Did The Tattoo Originate?

As many know, the loser lover tattoo has been inspired from the movie IT. The character had the tattoo on his arm. Being bullied in his childhood and got the tattoo forcefully.

He got fed up by seeing the word loser on his arm and one day decided to change. This is when he overlapped the S of loser with a red V changing it from loser to lover.

Can We Change The Loser Lover Tattoo Design?

What the best thing about this tattoo is that it has been inspired by a movie and millions of people have seen it. Many people get the exact same design as it was shown it in the movie.

However, giving an extra touch to the tattoo would make one feel connected to it. Customizing a tattoo has never been a problem and if you are creative then feel free to change the tattoo design in any way you like.

The tattoo defines you and your personality so it should be in your hands how you want to do that. 

Loser Lover Dark Shirt

What Would The Loser Lover Tattoo Mean Behind The Ear?

Tattoos behind the ear have many meaning. They can mean letting fate guide your decisions or how a person has developed himself. 

The loser lover tattoo behind the ear can represent how you’ve turned into someone being insecure about love into a lover. It represents how a person has felt after being loved or by loving someone.

The tattoo can also show the people behind you that once a loser but now a lover.

Can Getting The Loser Lover Tattoo Be Painful?

The level of pain of a tattoo depends on the place you are getting it.

Some places have thin and sensitive and that is where it is the most painful to get a tattoo.

Ear, neck, spine is few of the sensitive places on a human body.

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Is The Loser Lover Tattoo Complicated to Get?

The design is simple and straightforward. The loser lover tattoo is actually the one of the easiest designs, as said by many tattoo artists. There no complex patterns or colors the artist have to use and ensure are visible.

However, it depends on the skills of the tattoo artists how they carry the process. Skilled and professional artists do it in a way that give the perfect overlapping look of the V and resemble the same tattoo in the IT movie. 

Why Is Everyone Getting Loser Lover Tattoo?

The loser lover tattoo has been inspired from a movie. This is why it has reached to over millions of people in a very short time. Just a week after the movie was released people started getting these tattoos.

Fans have shown their love and support towards the movie through getting a tattoo. On the other hand, many people understood the hidden meaning of this tattoo and found it relatable to their life and got it done.

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