Cartier Love Ring Thin Vs Thick

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Cartier is a famous jewelry brand to fulfill your accessory needs.

Their Love rings are a fan favorite due to the classic design. However, the rings in this series can be thin or thick.

If you want to know whether you should buy a thin or thick Cartier Love ring, you’re in the right place. Here is everything you must know.

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Cartier Love Ring Thin Vs Thick: What Are The Main Features?

The top feature of the two rings is that they come in the same colors. You can choose from yellow gold to white gold rings. Both models also contain eight screws around the rings to offer design flexibility.

You should also under the naming difference of the thick and thin love rings. The former model is mainly called the Love ring on the Cartier website. Meanwhile, the thinner version is the Cartier Love wedding band.

The two rings are from the same Love series but with some differences for high user flexibility. These models also include the brand’s engraving on the inner side. You can find the company name and your ring size on both rings.

What Is The Thickness Difference Between Cartier Love Ring Thin Vs Thick?

Cartier uses size 52 to indicate the thickness on its official website. Your Love ring of this size will be 1.3mm thick. Meanwhile, the thin wedding band is about ¾ less thick than the Love ring.

So you can expect your wedding band to have a thickness of about 0.975mm. Cartier has not mentioned the exact value on its official site for the thin Love wedding band. This means you will have to measure the difference yourself by getting the two rings.

The thin Love ring is only slightly less thick than the thick model. You can easily know the difference by seeing the two options in the same picture. Considering the primary differences between the rings will also help you.

Cartier Love Ring Thin Vs Thick: What Are The Main Differences?

The primary difference between the rings is the thickness of the models. Here are some other differences between the Cartier Love ring thin vs thick:


The thickness of the Love ring and wedding band affects the size of the models significantly. Since the latter option is thin, it is relatively smaller than the Love ring. So two models will not stack against each other.

The Love wedding band will cover less space on your ring finger than the other model. Your wearing options will also vary because of the size difference.

Wearing Options

The primary finger to wear the thin Love wedding band is your ring finger. However, you may prefer to put the item on other fingers. Unfortunately, that will not be possible due to the small size of the ring.

Meanwhile, the Love ring is designed as a standalone ring for various fingers. So you can easily wear it on your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. 

It is not the best option to put on your ring finger due to the larger build. The thick ring will look best on your middle finger and thumb. You can enjoy various wearing options by choosing the thick Love ring over the thin wedding band.

Spacing Of Screws

The screws on Cartier Love rings are mainly made to offer an aesthetic design. You can enjoy a traditional look on all Love rings because of the eight screws. However, the spacing differs in the different models.

All of the thick rings have a good amount of spacing between the screws. So the design is more easily visible and adds to the aesthetics. Meanwhile, the screws on the thin ring are closer together.


There is a significant price difference between the thin and thick Cartier Love rings. The former model is priced at $1,170, excluding the sales tax. Meanwhile, the thick love ring will cost you $1,820.

The thick Love ring also comes in a model with three diamonds. This item will cost you $3,850. The other features of the diamond ring are the same as the ones in the standard thick version.

Engraving Visibility

The final difference between the thick and thin Love rings is the engraving visibility. You can easily observe the brand logo and size on the thin wedding band. This is because of the deep engraving.

Meanwhile, the engraving on the thick Love ring is lighter and less visible. So you will have to make more effort to notice the brand logo and size on the inner surface.

Cartier Love Ring Thin Vs Thick: Which One Is Better?

The thin Cartier Love ring is mainly suitable if you wear the ring on your ring finger. It is also better if you like to stack your rings with other models. The best part is that it costs lesser than the thick option.

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