How To Tell If A Tignanello Purse Is Real?

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Tignanello is a famous brand that offers leather purses in various countries.

You can tell if the purse by the company is really noticing the stitching of the item. Besides that, there are many other factors you can consider when confirming the authenticity of a Tignanello purse.

If you have bought a purse of this brand from an online marketplace, you may want to know whether it is real. Luckily, this post will help you confirm the authenticity of your purse.

Tignanello Smooth Operator Conv. Satchel, Black/Eggshell


How To Tell If A Tignanello Purse Is Real?

You can understand a Tignanello purse’s authenticity by checking the stitching, quality, and zipper functionality of the bag. Here is what you need to know about these factors.

Tignanello Vintage Leather Andromeda Mini Dome Crossbody, Etched Chianti

  1. Stitching

The top way to know your Tignanello purse’s authenticity is by checking its stitching. If it is sloppy or slanted, your handbag is most likely to be fake. Uneven stitching also indicates the purse is not real.

All real designer bags have seamless stitching in a uniform pattern to offer the best look. If your purse lacks this feature, then it is not the original Tignanello version. 

You should also check the stitching on the inner side. Most people who sell fake bags hide sloppy stitching by the purse’s inner lining.

  1. Quality

Another way to know if the item is real is by inspecting its quality. Original Tignanello purses are relatively heavy due to the leather build.

A flimsy or very light bag is most likely fake. The purse should also have a leather smell. Tignanello is famous for selling leather handbags.

  1. Zipper Functionality

The final feature that will let you know the purse’s authenticity is the zipper functionality. Original Tignanello bags close and open smoothly due to their high quality. 

The zipper also moves in a straight line instead of a crooked pattern to offer a uniform look to original bags. You can also check the underside of the zipper pull. 

The brand logo will be present at that site, confirming that your purse is real. You should also inspect the logo carefully and compare it with the original design.

Fake bags usually show minor errors in the logo design. So paying close attention to the details will help you.

Is Tignanello A Good Purse Brand?

Tignanello Bleecker St. Accordian Satchel, Rouge/Brown

Tignanello is a good purse brand that helps you get high-quality leather handbags. Its products are beautiful and highly durable. So you can use the purse for many years without issues.

The best part is that the interior lining of the purse is also high-quality. So your handbag can easily withstand high wear and tear. Tignanello purses also have high functionality due to multiple pockets.

So you can enjoy spacious bags without breaking your bank. The color options by this brand are also numerous for high flexibility.

Are Tignanello Bags Expensive?

Tignanello is not a relatively expensive brand. You can get good models from this company at an average price of $65. Some purses may be more expensive than this value.

The exact price depends on the purse you are buying and its functionality. However, you can get most bags for under $100 to save money while enjoying high durability.

Where To Buy Tignanello Handbags?

The best place to buy Tignanello purses is Amazon. This online marketplace has a wide variety of handbags by this brand. So you can easily find the model you are searching for.

Besides that, eBay is another platform for buying original Tignanello bags. The best part is that you can enjoy reasonable pricing on both platforms. You may also encounter used Tignanello purses on Facebook Marketplace.

How Do You Clean A Tignanello Leather Purse?

Tignanello Crosby Vintage Leather Convertible Cross Body, Sangria/Cognac

Tignanello leather purses can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth, damp cloth, warm water, and liquid hand soap. You should look for a mixture of soap and water in a small bowl. Dip the soft cloth in the mixture and apply it to the purse.

After that, use the damp cloth to wipe the purse and clean it easily. Use a dry towel after removing the mixture to clean excess water. Let the leather purse air dry for a few hours before using it again.

Are Tignanello Bags Made In China?

Tignanello is a famous Italian brand known for its high-quality casual bags. Most of the purses of this company are made in China. However, this should not discourage you from buying Tignanello bags.

Most designer brands produce their bags in China because of the low production costs. The best part is that the quality of the purses remains high. So you can rely on the durability of your Tignanello handbags.

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