8 Types of Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Rings are a fun accessory that a lot of men and women enjoy wearing. However, there’s one struggle that many people have when it comes to buying them. The rings that are in the right price range for a lot of shoppers’ budgets end up leaving their fingers green.  

While this green mark isn’t harmful, most people don’t want their accessories leaving marks on their skin. Many people stopped wearing rings because they thought in order to avoid green fingers they could only wear expensive rings. This isn’t the case at all. There are many options for cheap rings that won’t turn your finger green. 


8 Types of Cheap Rings That Won’t Turn Your Finger Green

On this page, we’re going to discuss 8 different types of rings you should try if you want to avoid green fingers.

Let’s take a look at what some of the options are:

#1: Stainless steel rings 

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The most common type of ring that is affordable and attractive is made from stainless steel.

This material doesn’t tarnish or cause people’s skin to turn green. Actually, many people put their stainless steel rings on and completely forget about them.

Often sweat or moisture can cause rings to turn fingers green, but this is something people won’t have to worry about with stainless steel rings.

However, stainless steel rings will still need proper care. This doesn’t mean you should wear them in the bathtub or leave them on when you wash the dishes.

While it’s unlikely that a stainless steel ring will leave green marks on your skin, it should be treated with care to prevent wear and tear.

#2: Tungsten carbide rings

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If you want an affordable ring that has a similar weight to gold without the high price tag, you should look at tungsten carbide rings. These are great options for cheaper rings that don’t cause green fingers.

The process of making tungsten carbide rings includes binding tungsten with nickel or cobalt.

Since these materials aren’t linked to causing green marks, people are safe to buy nearly any type of tungsten carbide ring without having to worry about green marks.

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#3: Titanium rings

If you are looking for a cheap ring that won’t turn your finger green but also looks and feels expensive, you should check out titanium rings. This is a win-win for ring lovers because titanium metal is high-quality and attractive, so the ring will look good and won’t cause green fingers.

The reason that titanium rings are more affordable than platinum and gold is that titanium is a natural metal. There is an abundance of titanium and it’s easily accessible. 

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#4: Cobalt chrome rings

If you enjoy the style of tungsten rings, a similar style is cobalt chrome. This material is hypoallergenic and is even the same material used for making types of dental implants. Cobalt rings are a safe choice for people who do experience reactions from certain metals because they won’t cause irritation or green marks.

However, always make sure you buy a cobalt chrome ring from a reputable source. Some sellers on Etsy have been selling fake cobalt chrome rings. Not only do the imposter rings scratch easily, but they may not be hypoallergenic. 

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#5: Bamboo rings

If rings are your fashion statement of choice, you may want more than one option to choose from. An affordable option that won’t turn your fingers green or cause any irritation is a bamboo ring. These rings are a lot of fun because they have a simple and earthy look that is also very attractive.

Not only are these rings very unlikely to cause irritation, but they are also sustainable. This organic ring choice is a great substitute for when you are bored of metal rings.

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#6: Silicone rings

Normally people would think of silicone and jewelry in the same sentence, but silicone rings are actually very attractive. Silicone is a great ring material for creating attractive stacker rings or thumb rings. These bands also come in a wide range of different colors and patterns. 

Silicone is so cheap, people on strict budgets can even afford to buy multiple colors. The great thing about silicone is it’s such a durable material. Even if you leave a silicone ring on when you go swimming, you won’t have to worry about any green marks on your finger. 

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#7: Ceramic rings

If you are looking for a cheap wedding band that won’t leave green fingers, ceramic rings are an option that shouldn’t be ignored. There are many classy ceramic rings that find in most budgets. Ceramic bands are one of the most common wedding band alternatives instead of gold or platinum.

Since metals aren’t used in ceramic rings, people don’t have to worry about their rings getting any strange green marks from wearing them every day.

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#8: Jade rings

Jade has always been a popular material used in jewelry making. One of the great things about jade is that it doesn’t turn the skin green. Since it is a stone, it won’t cause irritations as some metals do. While jade rings won’t cause irritation on your fingers when they get wet, it’s not recommended to wear these rings in water. 

Many companies sell affordable jade bands that are simple and beautiful. However, do some looking around with jade rings to find one in your budget. While jade is known for being an expensive stone, the price range depends on the shade. The standard green shade can be found at cheaper prices. 

Why do certain types of rings cause your finger to turn green?

If you’re wearing a metal ring and your finger starts to go green, it is because of the alloy in the ring. Copper is one of the top culprits, along with sterling silver and other base metals, for turning a person’s finger green. This doesn’t always happen when they wear the ring, but it could if the ring comes in contact with moisture.

While this green mark isn’t pretty, it also isn’t harmful. These marks can usually be washed away with soap and water. To prevent a ring from causing green marks, simply coat it with clear nail polish.

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