JAXXON Jewelry Review for 2022

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

JAXXON Jewelry is a gold, silver and white gold online jeweler. They mostly cater to men but there are some items for women as well. While there are a few gemstones, straight metal is their specialty with a focus on bracelets and necklaces.

These come in three basic styles: Cuban, chain-link and rope. There are others, but these are the most common in JAXXON’s store. However, beforehand, read this JAXXON jewelry review below and consider if they will be right for you and what you’re looking for. 


JAXXON Overview


  • Huge selection of gold, silver and white gold chains, pendants, cuffs, bracelets and rings
  • Very affordable jewelry with a good selection of sale and clearance items
  • They source metals from northern Italy, known for their craftsmanship and care of jewelry
  • They offer quick and free two-day shipping (express for domestic and standard for international)
  • They handcraft each piece out of their solid gold collection


  • Poor handling of customer service problems, issues and complaints
  • Not forthcoming about their return and exchange policies
  • Unreliable customer reviews on the site, you have to look elsewhere for a more honest picture
  • If you order multiple items at once, they may come in separate shipments

About JAXXON – What They Offer

JAXXON is a company of ambitious go-getters who strive to showcase, acquire and develop the best versions of themselves and others. They source their metals from Italy with state of the art craftsmanship. JAXXON features gold bonding, which provides a thick layer of protective metal to withstand daily abuse.

Selections for Men and Women

The jewelry you find at JAXXON splays with gold and silver for men and women. These are mostly necklaces but they also have bracelets, cuffs, pendants and rings. JAXXON seems to specialize and feature Cuban link types, but they also have rope or herringbone. The company emphatically states they acquire their metals in an ethical way from northern Italy.

No Certification or Grading

JAXXON’s contracts with worldwide dealers helps to ensure the best price for top quality jewelry compared to most other competitors. But they do not use any certified grading process or internationally-recognized tracing. Therefore, this is only a claim that cannot be proven or undergo verification.

Handcrafted Gold Collection

However, their gold collection is impressive. This is because they handcraft these jewelry pieces in house. But, it does take some time to receive them. So, if you order several items, it’s likely you’ll get several packages; they won’t come all at once.

Is JAXXON Legit?

Based out of Los Angeles, JAXXON is a legit company.

Many people report great satisfaction with JAXXON, but they leave other customers with much to desire when an issue comes up. There are 13 reports against them at the Better Business Bureau detailing their horror stories and other heartbreaking situations.

Shopping with JAXXON Online

The shopping experienced offered on JAXXON’s website is rather smooth and seamless. Their jewelry selection is vast and they come with lots of photos for further inspection. But, the site’s overall design is a little bulky and a bit daunting to navigate through.

Inspecting the Merchandise

There are many good, clear and big pictures to browse of each item they offer. Plus, they have a video for each piece of jewelry so you can see how it looks on someone else. This is helpful for visualization.

Their jewelry shines and sparkles and has a type of flashiness to them, but they are also very subtle and understated. This means the jewelry won’t be overwhelming or gaudy; it’s subtly stylish.

Photos Aren’t WYSIWYG

But, what you see isn’t necessarily the exact same piece you’ll receive. As a matter of fact, the company tells you that each piece has a weight difference of +/- five grams. That said, you can contact their customer service representatives online to ask any questions you may have about the jewelry.

However, if you look at many other reviews around the internet, this isn’t always beneficial. Many people say they use the chat which then asks to confirm the start of the discussion. But, nothing else seems to happen after that or it takes them far too long to respond.

Affordable and Stylish

Regardless, their items are very affordable and they have a specific style. The prices they offer for jewelry are far less than most other competitors and make perfect gifts for almost anyone.

Shipping Policies with Returns ; Exchanges

All their items have two-day free express shipping for domestic orders and free standard shipping for international orders. Their purchasing process is quick and simple, with all their stock in-house. JAXXON doesn’t procrastinate with orders and they have free shipping plus hassle-free returns and exchanges.

They say it takes three to five business days to process a return once they receive the item and then an additional seven days for the return to process. But, the reports filed with the Better Business Bureau and the company’s responses, don’t look good on the outset. While JAXXON says they offer hassle-free returns, several customers have not had this experience.  

No Warranty or Similar Policy

After an extensive dive into the site, there is not visible warranty or other policy that guarantees against defects or damages. Plus, JAXXON doesn’t offer free cleanings, inspections or any other type of policy.

Viewing Customer Reviews

JAXXON’s website doesn’t feature one negative review. There’s only one four-star review out of 15,000 reviews that were mostly submitted on the same day, December 15th, 2021. This is not reliable. Clearly, the company is aware of this poor reputation because they spend several lines discussing it in their FAQ section. 


While JAXXON offers a good range of jewelry for both men and women at an affordable price, it is something of a risk. There are a lot of unknowns around what you’ll receive and this uncertainty increases in the case of returns or exchanges. But, they are very fast about sending out their pieces and offer quick, free shipping.

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