How Much Is Citrine Worth?

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Citrine is one of the most common colors you see in stones. It has a medium-deep shade of golden yellow.

Therefore, the availability has disrupted the market for citrine, and it sold for very less. But it is still a great stone to have.

If you want to know more about citrine and getting it, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading as here is everything that you need to know about it.

Artistone Citrine Crystal Thumb Worry Stone Hand Carved Healing Crystal Pocket Stone for Meditation Reiki, Water Drop Shaped


How Much Is Citrine Worth?

Citrine is a common stone found in many parts of the world. It holds a value of around $2 to $6. However, if the citrine is perfectly processed and has a rich color, the value can be much higher.

Therefore, it is always important to get the citrine checked by an expert. That would help you get an accurate value for the stone. In addition, it is believed that citrine is a heavy-powering stone, so some people shouldn’t wear it.

Who Should Not Wear Citrine?

1 X Set of 3 Citrine Stones Gemstones Crystals

It is important to understand this section if you are looking to get a citrine. It is believed that citrine is a powerhouse of energy, and one should wear it but with care.

The side effects mentioned below can occur to people who are sensitive to energy or if they overuse the crystal.

  1. Headaches
  2. Dizziness
  3. Mood swings
  4. Hyper aggression

Wearing citrine can have such effects on a person. However, headaches and dizziness are the two common side effects you can experience.

Is Citrine Toxic?

Many people think the side effects mentioned above can happen due to citrine being rich in toxic compounds. However, that is not the case here.

Citrine is a toxic-free stone and 100% safe to use. There are no toxic compounds and elements found in citrine. So use citrine without worrying about anything.

What Is The Best Way To Wear Citrine?

Artistone Citrine Crystal Thumb Worry Stone Hand Carved Healing Crystal Pocket Stone for Meditation Reiki, Water Drop Shaped

If you are looking to wear citrine, then you have countless options of wearing it. You can get it made in a ring, pendant, or necklace. It all depends on you.

However, it would be great to do some rituals before wearing any stones with such high power. In addition, it is also believed to dip such stones in raw milk hours before wearing it.

This would remove all the negative energy the stone contains. Make sure to wear the citrine on your index finger.

In addition, if you believe in astrology, it would be best to ask an astrologer for a perfect time to wear the citrine. That would bring more benefits for you.

What Are the Benefits Of Citrine?

Many spiritual and physical benefits wearing a citrine can bring to your life. Therefore, it is important to understand them so they can help you.

Astrologically it is believed that citrine eradicates all the negative energy from your surroundings. It helps your mental growth and helps you feel relaxed and relieved from many thoughts.

It is believed that if citrine is kept in your wallet, it keeps you from spending a lot and controlling things. The citrine also promotes happiness and is a perfect source of happiness for you.

Talking about the health benefits of citrine, there are many. For the wearer, it boosts stamina and empowers them.

In addition, it is also believed that it helps relieve heart, liver, and kidney ailments. Keeping the citrine near you before bed also helps you sleep properly.

Lastly, citrine improves digestion and eradicates all the stomach issues you have.

Where To Buy Citrine From?

Gemstone and minerals are very sensitive products that you can get. In recent times, there are countless places where you can buy gemstones from. For example, there are many online marketplaces that you can visit.

However, make sure that the site is a trusted one to avoid any scams. If you don’t trust dealing with online sites, there are many physical places where you can get citrine from.

The best one is a pawn shop or gem store. They would provide you with some of the best stones you were looking for. Make sure to take an expert with you so they can help you negotiate if it is your first time stone shopping.

In addition, an expert would help you pay the value the stone is worth. Otherwise, if you are new to dealing with gemstones, you may end up paying more than the stone’s value.

In addition, don’t forget to read this guide, as it will help you develop a proper understanding of citrine.

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