When Does FARFETCH Have Sales? (Answered)

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

FARFETCH is one of the leading fashion brands. It is a British-Portuguese brand that sells from more than 700 boutiques and brands worldwide. Founded in 2007, FARFETCH is now more than a brand.

You can always shop from their official website, other than the retail stores. With its headquarters in London, FARFETCH is the most popular European clothing brand.

The one thing that everyone waits for eagerly is the FARFETCH sales. Not many people know, but FARFETCH has some days dedicated to sales and holds special sale events to attract a large number of customers.

Do you also don’t know when FARFETCH has sales? Keep reading, and you will get to know more about FARFETCH.


When Does FARFETCH Have Sales?

In a week, there is a perfect time to shop from FARFETCH when you can shop in a sale. FARFETCH holds major sale events of a Friday sale and a Cyber Monday sale. These two days are dedicated to sale events.

If you want to shop from FARFETCH, wait for these days, and you will save a huge amount through the sale events.

For more, you can check their page for the latest deals and promo codes to enjoy more benefits.

How Many Deals Does FARFETCH Offer?

Besides the sales on separate clothing articles, FARFETCH offers around 23 deals for their valuable customers. Moreover, their official website has various promo codes to enjoy a higher discount.

What Is The Highest Discount You Can Get On FARFETCH?

Every article has a different percentage of discounts on the retail price. However, the highest discount you can enjoy is up to 80%.

Does FARFETCH Offer Student Discounts?

Being the most popular European boutique, FARFETCH does offer a student discount to encourage the youth to shop from their platform.

FARFETCH offers a 10% discount through their student package. However, before availing the discount, you have to verify your student status. Once you have your credentials verified, you can only use their student discount.

What Are The Terms and Conditions for All Promotions?

There are without any doubt many terms and conditions that you agree on before shopping using the promotions. This is very important for you to understand as it can avoid any confusion.

The promotion is only valid on selected items and brands only. In addition, all the sales are only valid for a selected time. Keep in mind if you are shopping from their online platform, their sales are only available in selected countries.

How To Use The Promo Codes?

You can either enter the promo code manually, or the code is automatically applied if it is saved in your account.

The promo code will be applied at the checkout through the automatic application. However, the minimum spend applies before using the promo code.

The minimum spend applies for any promo code if it is in its terms. However, for the manual code, you have to enter the promo code at checkout, and it will appear once it is verified that you are eligible to use it.

Does FARFETCH Offer Free Shipping?

As you know, FARFETCH delivers worldwide. Therefore, the free shipping option is only available for the lowest-price option. However, many countries do charge a shipping fee.

What Is Special About Access Member Exclusive?

FARFETCH offers exclusive membership to its customers. However, it is on you to be a part of their community. If you do, there are many things you can enjoy as a member.

Also known as the access loyalty program, you can enjoy a discount of 15% on every product through the member-exclusive program. However, the discount would only be applied to full-price items.

There is a whole section dedicated to the loyalty program where you can shop the items available for a 15% discount. In addition, the discount will be applied at the checkout.

What Is FARFETCH Return Policy?

FARFETCH only accepts returns within 14 days of purchase. Other than this, there are many things to know about their policy.

The tags should be there on the article, and they must be unworn, unused, and undamaged. The final sales items can only be returned if they were delivered damaged. There shouldn’t be any marks on the packaging.

Most of the products will only be eligible for a return if delivered faulty.

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