How Much Are Geodes Worth?

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Geodes are one of the most beautiful specimens of crystals you will find. That is because their appearance and content are like no other.

However, their value can go between $2 and $5 for common ones to a few thousand dollars for exceptional geodes.

If you want to understand the value of geodes, you have come to the right place. Here is your complete guide.

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How Much Are Geodes Worth?

Geodes are one of the most valuable crystal specimens you can find. Common geode specimens will cost you between $2 and $5.

However, an incredible specimen of flawless crystals will cost you a few thousand dollars. The price of the geode will depend on a few factors.

These include the presence of flaws, luster, clarity, color, scarcity, and size. Naturally, a geode that includes flawless crystals will have the highest value.

You must understand all of these factors before you decide to purchase a geode. That is because there are many low-quality ones on the market that will not have a high value.

So, be sure to purchase the geode from the right source.

What Is The Value Of Amethyst Geodes?

JIC Gem 1.1 LB Amethyst Clusters Natural Raw Amethyst Geode Rock Crystal Healing Stones Witchcraft Gemstone Specimen

Amethyst is an amazing crystal that has a beautiful purple color. If the amethyst geode is large, it can go for thousands of dollars.

For example, a museum-level amethyst that weighs almost 200 kilos can cost more than $15,000. On the other hand, smaller amethyst geodes will be relatively affordable.

For example, if you have an amethyst geode from Uruguay that weighs almost 4 kilos, it can cost you over $270. That is why you must check the weight, size, color, and clarity before you decide to purchase an amethyst geode.

What Is The Most Expensive Geode In The World?

The most expensive geode in the world is known as the Empress of Uruguay. The geode weighs 2.5 tons, and it is 3.27 meters tall.

In 2007, the geode was worth more than $75,000. However, now the estimated price of this geode will be more than $200,000.

The geode is amethyst, and it is incredibly beautiful. Of course, there is a reason why it is the most expensive geode in the world.

What Is The Value Of Geodes Per Pound?

You must remember that geodes will not be sold per carat, gram, or even ounce. That is because most of the geodes factor in other things rather than just the weight of the geode.

Bigger geodes express their value in pounds or kilos, which is also one of the ways the price is determined. On average, a geode can sell for anywhere between $10 and $900 per pound.

Of course, the geode on the higher end of the range has exceptional crystals and unparalleled quality. Those on the lower end will not be of very high quality as the color will not be too great.

What Is The Value Of Geodes Per Kilo?

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Most sellers will use kilograms to express the price of geodes. These are usually big specimens with incredible quality can color.

The value of such geodes can range anywhere between $90 and $2,000. Of course, the price depends on many factors that you must take into account before you decide to purchase the geode.

It will help you understand whether you are receiving a fair price for the geode. So, don’t forget to gauge the quality before you purchase.

How Can I Sell The Geodes I Own?

If you have any geodes you want to sell for financial gain, then you have a few options. There are many online marketplaces where you can sell your geodes.

For example, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and many other places will allow you to list the geodes for sale.

You can also set the price you would like to receive for it so that you can get a fair sum from the sale. Be sure to put up some great pictures and a detailed description of your geode specimen so that people know what you are selling.

When you offer such details, people will trust you as a seller and contact you to purchase the geode in no time. You can also list your geodes on websites that specialize in selling crystals and geodes.

Many collectors are always looking at such websites to add more geodes and specimens to their collections. Once you list in any of these places, you will sell your geode for a high price within no time and get high returns.

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