Heart Tattoo On The Face: What Does It Mean? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

As humans, our connections and relationships mean everything to us. That is why when something important happens, we always find a way to represent it through different forms. A heart tattoo on face is also an essential part of trying to signify a relationship through a tattoo.

So, if you are looking to represent a loss of a relationship through a tattoo, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to understanding what a heart tattoo under the eye and on the face means. It will help you make the right tattoo decision.


What Does A Heart Tattoo On The Face Mean?

A heart tattoo on face is usually made as a broken heart. Many people get this tattoo when they lose a loved one or an important relationship in their life ends. The broken heart represents the loss and pain that comes with these things and is usually meant to symbolize a tear under the eye.

If you see someone with such a tattoo on their face, it will usually mean that they have had their heartbroken because of an important loss. So, you must be sensitive and understanding of the other person when trying to approach them.

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What Is The Meaning Of A Tattoo Under The Eye?

The heart tattoo on face and under the eye varies from place to place. Besides that, many people might also get a teardrop under the eye instead of a heart. It is one of the most well-known tattoos for people in prison as it symbolizes a lengthy prison sentence.

On the other hand, there are some places where this tattoo symbolizes that the individual has committed murder. However, if the teardrop is just an outline and not filled, it means that the individual tried to attempt murder. So, be wary of this tattoo if you see it on someone.

What Does A Heart Tattoo Upside-Down On The Face Mean?

While most people get the normal heart tattoo on face, you will also notice a variation where the heart is upside down. Such a heart on the face represents wickedness, and you will usually notice this in villains in movies. That is why a heart tattoo on face does not always mean something good.

The direction of the heart also signifies what it means. However, even an upside-down broken heart tattoo on face means a tragedy or a broken heart. So, you can choose from any of these meanings to create the right heart tattoo on face for yourself.

What Does A Diamond Tattoo On The Face Mean?

While the heart tattoo on face is popular, another popular tattoo is the diamond tattoo on the face. The diamond symbolizes beauty, wealth, inner strength, and power. Many people get this tattoo to represent the strength they have within themselves and overcome many obstacles in life.

The diamond can be anywhere on the face as its position does not matter. All diamond tattoos on the face represent this meaning to the individual who has gotten it. You can also get this tattoo as a symbol of your strength and wealth.

What Does A Heart Tattoo On The Middle Finger Mean?

A heart tattoo on the middle finger is common among people who are experiencing deep feelings of love for their significant other. Many people also get the tattoo on their ring finger to symbolize the same meaning. That is because when you hold the person’s hand, it means you are holding their heart in your hand.

If you are in an important relationship and you think your partner could be the one, you can get the heart tattoo on your finger to symbolize your love for them. It can be a tiny tattoo to represent everything you feel for them.

How Much Does A Heart Tattoo On Face Cost?

The heart tattoo on face is typically tiny, which is why it will not cost you a lot to get such a tattoo on your face. The minimum cost of such a tattoo begins at $30. However, it depends on where you get the tattoo from and the skill of the artist.

For a better price estimate, it is best to connect with your tattoo artist and ask them about the pricing after discussing what you want. They will give you a better quote and you can set aside a budget for your heart tattoo. It will help you get a great tattoo in no time.

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