How Much Is a 1797 Dollar Coin Worth?

Last Updated on April 14, 2022

The 1797 Draped Bust dollars are among the most difficult to find in Robert Scot’s Draped Bust dollar series. Collectors will notice the scarcity of the 1797 dollar in today’s incumbent difficulties of finding these coins in circulation.

Let’s find out more about this dollar coin.


How much is a 1797 dollar coin worth?

Generally, problem-free 1797 Draped Bust coins sell for between $1,500 and $10,000 in Good-4 or better grades.

Uncirculated specimens cost between $65,000 and $1 million or more. The majority of identifiable 1797 dollars, even those with severe problems, have a typical minimum price of at least $500.

How much is a 1797 Eagle Draped Bust worth?

It also depends on the coin’s condition or state of preservation. There are three different types of 1797 tiny eagle draped bust dollars. Coin collectors estimate that they range from $1500 to $1800 in good condition. They go for anywhere between $61,000 and $110,000 in uncirculated quality.

How many 1797 dollar varieties are there?

The 1797 Draped Bust dollar was manufactured in small quantities, making it difficult for early American dollar collectors to complete their sets. There are several different varieties to get, too. One inference can be drawn from this, which is that buying 1797 Draped Bust dollars for a coin collection may be costly!

1797 dollars come in a variety of forms and dates, with at least three distinct attributed types. Type and date set collectors usually focus on just one of these for their collections, although there are many more than the above.

  • 1797, 9 Stars Left, 7 Right, Small Letters
  • 1797, 9 Stars, 7 Right, Large Letters
  • 1797, 10 Stars Left, 6 Right

How many stars are on the back of a 1797 dollar?

The size of the letters differs among those with nine stars on the left and six on the right. There are 1797 dollars that were produced with words such as “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on the reverse (back) that are bigger than such words are on other 1797 dollars.

How big is the 1797 Draped Bust coin?

The 1797 Draped Bust coin is 39.5 mm diameter, 26.96 grams in weight. The 1797 Draped Bust Silver Dollar was issued in a variety of forms. The obverse and reverse sides of the coin were engraved with different designs. Two types of the currency focused on how many stars appear on the obverse side.

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