How Much Is 1867 to 1967 Canadian Penny Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on October 2, 2022

Having a numismatic value, the 1867-1967 Canadian cent is one of the oldest cent coins collectors love to have. 

This guide will help you learn more about 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny, and get a better idea regarding its potential value as a coin.


How Much Is 1867 to 1967 Canadian Penny Worth?

The 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny is worth around $0.04.

However, this is the minimum value you could get from the coin. Different grades have different values depending on their condition.

The 1867 to 1967 pennies were issued in 1967 and are known as Canada’s Centennial. However, the pennies don’t have much value as they were minted in huge quantities.

However, 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny series is the only one issued as the Commemorative edition.

How Many 1867 to 1967 Canadian Pennies Were Minted?

Being the smallest denomination of the Canadian currency, the penny coins were minted in large quantities.

There were around 345,140,645 coins of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian pennies minted. Many of these penny coins are still in circulation to date.

This is why the value you would get from these coins is very low.

What Does 1867 to 1967 Canadian Penny Looks Like?

As you know, there are two sides to a coin, and both sides are different. Here on the 1967 Canadian penny, you will find many unique things. However, this coin is still in circulation today, and you may have seen them somewhere.

But for those who have never had a glimpse of the 1967 penny. On the observe side of the coin, you will see a portrait engraved of Queen Elizabeth II right in the center. Then, starting from the left side, you will see her name, and her last name ends on the right side of the coin in a Latin script.

On the reverse side of the coin, you will find a picture of a flying dove engraved right in the center. Above the dove, there is “1 CENT” engraved. In addition, you will find “CANADA 1867-1967” engraved.

This is what you will see on both sides of the coin. If any of these features are missing, make sure to check the coin’s originality by an expert. They will closely look and confirm if it is genuine or not.

What is the Metal Composition of 1867 to 1967 Canadian Penny?

As a cent coin, it is obvious it would be made of bronze, and the coin’s color could also confirm that. However, if you want to melt the coin, it is important to know the metal composition. Therefore, it would help you understand the metals that you have the chance to extract.

The metal composition of the 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny includes 98% bronze, 1.5% zinc, and just 0.5% tin. All these materials make a 1967 Canadian penny.

What Are The Specifications of 1867 to 1967 Canadian Penny?

The specifications and all the features, including the metal composition of a penny, would help you assess the originality of a coin. Therefore, if you want to collect a 1967 Canadian penny, it is important to know the coin in detail.

The weight of the 1967 Canadian penny is around 3.24 grams. The exact diameter of the round coin is 19.05 mm, and the thickness is measured at 1.65 mm.

All these specifications will tell you if the Canadian penny you have is genuine or not. For further inspection of the coin, it is recommended to visit an expert. Other than verifying the coin, they can also offer a good value for the coin.

In which Mint Were 1867 to 1967 Canadian Pennies Minted?

The 1967 Canadian penny was minted in very large quantities and circulated for a long. Being the smallest denomination, they were highly circulated and used by the citizens.

However, the pennies were only minted in the Royal Canadian Mint located in Ottawa. This mint is one of the oldest and has issued currency of every series from 1908 to date.

Is There Any Mintmark on The 1867 to 1967 Canadian Penny?

A mintmark is the official stamp of authentication of the mint in the produced currency. The mintmark also works as a sign to verify the authenticity of a currency.

If you look for a mintmark on an 1867 to 1967 Canadian penny, you won’t find one. There was no mintmark engraved on the 1967 pennies as they were minted in only one mint.

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