How Much Was The Titanic Worth?

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

Titanic was one of the most iconic boats that came in the 20th century, and it gave everyone hope for the future we are heading towards. Unfortunately, however, that came at the cost of doom, and many people lost their lives. So, of course, people are still curious about the worth of Titanic in today’s time.

So, if you are in the same boat (pun intended), you have come to the right place. Here is what you must know about how much the Titanic was worth.


How Much Was The Titanic Worth?

The Titanic was worth over $7.5 million in 1912. However, if you look at that in today’s monetary terms, it would have cost over $400 million to create. Because the Titanic has such a high worth, even the people on it were the ones that had a high net worth.

For example, John Jacob Astor was the wealthiest person on the Titanic, and he was the Astor family head. In the same way, many high net worth families and members were on the Titanic.

Who Paid For The Titanic?

Such ships are not built without backings from wealthy people. An American was the owner of the RMS Titanic, but it was registered as a British ship. However, the owner of this ship was John Pierpont Morgan, also known as J.P Morgan.

J.P Morgan’s company retained ownership and was the controlling trust of the White Star Line. It was an incredibly significant project that also had a few other wealthy investors that had their shares in this ship.

What Was The Most Expensive Thing On The Titanic?

Many people had brought their valuables with them on the ship because even being on the boat was a status symbol. Because of this, everyone would flaunt their wealth through the clothing and accessories they wore. The more expensive thing on the Titanic was a necklace.

The necklace has a value of $20,000 during that time. However, if you tried to estimate the worth of this necklace today, then it would come to almost $500,000. Of course, this was just the tip of the iceberg among the other expensive items that people brought to the Titanic.

Are The Astors Still A Rich Family?

Vincent Astor managed to enhance his fortune by more than two hundred million dollars. In today’s time, the worth of this amount would be more than two billion dollars. On the other hand, Brooke Astor inherited almost $70 million.

If you look at this worth in today’s time, it will come down to more than $600 million. Besides that, a large portion of the Astor’s estate also went to charity. So they would still remain rich.

Did Titanic Have A Vault?

All ships have some sort of vault, so it is no surprise that the Titanic did too. Many treasure hunters found the legendary safe of the Titanic and planned to open it during a live television broadcast. The safe was found on the ocean floor.

It was 2.5 miles below the Titanic site and its surface while being 350 miles from Newfoundland. So, yes, the Titanic had a vault or a safe, and we found it while exploring the site.

What Was In The Safe From The Titanic?

Now that you know that the Titanic had a vault, you might be wondering what was inside it. The safe revealed a watch, jewelry, another object that was probably a stickpin case with the initials RLB, and American currency. According to many people, the case belonged to Richard L.

These are the only items we saw, but there is a possibility that there might be many other items inside the vault that we did not know about. After all, the entire Titanic incident has always had some air of mystery. Because of this, we will not know everything about it.

Where Is Titanic Now?

Of course, the question still remains where the Titanic is now. The Titanic at the Atlantic Ocean’s bottom, which is at least four-thousand meters underwater. Besides that, it is at least four hundred nautical miles from Newfoundland.

You can still recognize the bow, and it has many preserved interiors, despite all the damage and deterioration that happened when the ship hit the ocean floor. However, the stern of the Titanic is completely ruined, and you can’t recognize it at all. You can always look for details of other parts of the Titanic that you find in museums and other places to learn more about the history of this ship.

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