How Much Is A 1900 Nickel Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

The 1900 nickel is also known as the Liberty Head V Nickel, and it has a decent value if you are looking to get your hands on this coin. Of course, it is crucial to understand this coin’s worth so that you can make the right decision. You have come to the right place if you want to invest in this coin or sell it from your collection. 

Here is everything you must know about the value of the 1900 nickel. 


How Much Is A 1900 Nickel Worth?

The value of the 1900 nickel will depend on the condition you find it in. For example, if you have this coin in average condition, then it will be worth close to $3. On the other hand, it can be worth anywhere between $100 and $150 if you have this coin in uncirculated mint condition. 

The coins in uncirculated condition and good grading will have a high value. However, this coin will not be worth more than $200 no matter what condition you find it in. Of course, the proof coin will have a value that will be slightly higher, but not significantly. 

The coin’s value is calculated according to the metal’s worth, grading, condition, and much more. All of these factors will determine how much your 1900 nickel is worth in no time. 

1900 Liberty Head V Nickel 5 Cent Piece AG About Good 5c US Coin Collectible

What Is The Rarest Liberty Head Nickel?

The 1900 Liberty Head nickel is not a rare nickel. Instead, the Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Head nickel is the rarest. There were only five of these nickels produced, which is why it is an incredibly rare coin. 

Besides that, these rare nickels have also been sold at auctions. For example, in 2018, one of these nickels was sold for more than four million dollars at an auction. Only two more of these nickels belong to private hands, as the remaining two are in public hands.

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What Is The Metal Composition Of The 1900 Nickel?

The metal composition also determines the value of the coin, which is why it is important to understand. The 1900 nickel has 75% copper and 25% nickel, which is why the value is not that high, as it does not contain any silver. The melt value of copper has always been lower than silver. 

Besides that, the weight of this coin is five grams, and the diameter is more than 21mm. The coin will feel a little heavy in your hands, but not too much. You can understand the current copper price and then try to gauge how much you can get for this nickel. 

What Is On The Obverse Side Of The 1900 Nickel?

The obverse side of the 1900 nickel contains Lady Liberty with a Liberty crown on her head. Her image is facing the left side, and you will find the date of minting, i.e., 1900, below the neck of Lady Liberty. Around the entire coin, her image is adorned with stars. 

The wreath she is wearing on her head also has the inscription of Liberty. Of course, the 1900 nickel is all about freedom as Lady Liberty is the shining star of this coin. It is important to look for these features so that you know that the nickel is authentic. 

1900 Liberty Head V Nickel 5 Cent Piece AG About Good 5c US Coin Collectible

What Is On The Reverse Side Of The 1900 Nickel?

The reverse side of the 1900 nickel contains a big inscription of V in the middle of the coin with a laurel wreath around this letter. Above the wreath, you will notice the phrase E Pluribus Unum. Throughout the sides of the coins, you will find the inscription of the United States of America. 

Finally, below the coin and the laurel wreath, you will find the word cents written. All of these features are important to note if you want to check the authenticity of your 1900 nickel. If anything is missing or looks too good to be true, then it probably is. 

If you don’t understand these features or how to determine if the nickel is real, then you can go for an authenticity check with a professional. They will check the coin and let you know if it is genuine so that you can sell it further. 

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