How Much Is A 1900 Half-Dollar Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

The 1900 half-dollar is also known as the Barber half-dollar, and it is a silver coin that has value as silver bullion. Depending on the grade and condition, you can get good money for this half-dollar. So, if you want to learn more about the 1900 half-dollar worth, you have come to the right place. 

Here is everything you need to know. 


How Much Is A 1900 Half-Dollar Worth?

The value of the 1900 half-dollar will be according to its weight in silver if the coin is in circulated condition. Remember that silver is calculated according to its melt value, and the melt value for this half-dollar will be around $7.9. The melt value is derived from the silver spot price.

The value of this coin will also depend on the mint mark and condition. If the half-dollar coin has no mint mark and is in good condition, then its worth will be at least $22. If the coin is in great condition, the value will be $135. 

Finally, if the same half-dollar is in extremely fine condition, its value will be $180. The MS 60 grade of this coin in uncirculated condition will be $625, and MS 63 grade in uncirculated condition will be at least $900. 

How Much Is The 1900 S Dollar Worth?

The S mintmark means that the half-dollar was minted in San Francisco. If you find this coin in good condition, it will be worth close to $30. But, of course, if the condition is great, then the value will be close to $200. 

If the condition is incredibly fine, then its worth will be close to $250. Of course, this coin will have a higher value in uncirculated conditions. If the coin is MS 60 grade in uncirculated condition, its worth will be close to $900. 

Finally, if the coin has an MS 63 grade and is in uncirculated condition, then it will be worth close to $2,500. So, you can easily get significant money for this coin depending on the grade and condition. 

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How Much Is The 1900 O Half-Dollar Worth?

The O mintmark means that the coin was minted in New Orleans. If this half-dollar is in good condition, its worth will be at least $32. On the other hand, if the condition of this coin is good, it will be $190. 

If the condition is extremely fine, it will be worth more than $350. But, of course, the uncirculated condition will have a higher worth. For example, the MS 60 grade coin in uncirculated condition will be worth more than $1,000. Finally, the MS 63 grade in uncirculated condition will be close to $3,000. 

How Much Is The 1900 Half-Dollar Proof Coin Worth?

In 1900, only more than 900 proof coins were minted in the US. Each proof coin in a condition of PR 63 has a value of more than a thousand dollars. These coins don’t have a mintmark, which is why you don’t have to search for this mark if you come across this coin. 

Proof coins are more challenging to find as they are limited and usually with collectors. That is why it might take you a while before you can get your hands on this proof coin. 

How Much Is The Silver Content Inside The 1900 Half-Dollar?

The 1900 half-dollar has a silver content of 90%, while the remaining 10% is copper. That is because coins always have a mixture of different metals, as none of them are pure silver, bronze, copper, or any other metal. The total weight of this coin is also more than twelve grams, and its silver weight is over 0.36 oz. 

Remember that the weight of silver is always measured in troy ounces. This unit of measurement weighs two grams more than the standard ounce. That is why it is important to know the weight, as it will help you determine the value of silver inside the coin. 

After that, you can match that with the current silver spot price so that you can easily calculate how much the coin is worth. Because of the silver price, the coin’s worth will also keep on fluctuating with time. 

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