How Much Is A 1900 Silver Dollar Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

The 1900 silver dollars or the 1900 Morgan dollars are one of the highest valued old coins.

Different series of the 1900 silver dollars are valued differently, and the coin’s grade also matters. There is a lot to understand and learn about the 1900 silver dollars.

If you are looking to know more about it, stay tuned. Below, we have discussed them in detail to understand these dollars better.


How Much Is A 1900 Silver Dollar Worth?

Made out of 90% silver and only 10% copper, the silver dollar has value in numismatic coins and the silver bullion. The coins got substantial value in both forms.

The 1900 silver dollars were minted in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco. The Philadelphia dollars don’t have any mintmark present on them. The New Orleans dollars are known as 1900 O, and the San Francisco silver dollars are called 1900 S.

The 1900 Philadelphian and O have the same value. In extremely fine condition, these coins can be sold for around $30 to $33. Being in an uncirculated condition, the coin can be sold for $50 with an MS 60 grade, and the MS 65 grade dollar is worth around $160.

The 1900 S silver dollar coins in an extremely fine condition are worth around $45 to $55. Having an MS 60 grade, the dollar coin is worth around $290, and the MS 65 grade silver dollar is worth $1,250. However, in an uncirculated condition.

1900 O Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

What If My 1900 O Silver Dollar has CC Overlapped on The Mintmark?

Don’t worry! This was an overlap error caused by the New Orleans mint where the O mintmark is overlapped over a CC mintmark. These silver dollars are present in are worth some money as well. These error silver coins are official are were in circulation during its time.

How Much Are The CC Error Coins Worth?

These error coins can be sold, and in very fine condition, they are worth around $100 and may go up to $150 if the coin is in extremely fine condition.

However, if the silver dollar is in an uncirculated condition and has an MS grade, it would be worth around $350. On the other hand, if the 1900 silver dollar is of MS 65 grade, it can easily be worth $1,850.

So don’t worry; if you get your hands on a CC error silver dollar, it can be sold for a good value. All you need is to get an expert’s opinion, and they will offer the best deal you can get by looking closely at the condition of the dollar.

How Many Proof Coins Were Minted of 1900 Silver Dollar?

Proof coins do exist of the 1900 silver dollar but only in minimal numbers. This is because the US government minted the proof coins with no mintmarks, and only 912 were ever minted.

The proof coins are graded as PR 63, and being in this condition, the proof coin of the 1900 silver dollar can be worth around $3,000.

1900 O Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

Where Is The Mintmark On A 1900 Silver Dollar Coin?

A mintmark in any coin is the official stamp of the mint it was produced in. not all mints prefer to put mintmark on their coins. For example, the coins produced in the Philadelphia mint don’t have mintmark present on them.

If you are looking for a mintmark on your 1900 silver dollar coin, look closely on the observe side of the coin. The mintmark would be present at the bottom of the coin in a tiny font.

How To Identify The Grade of A 1900 Silver Dollar?

The grade is one of the most important factors that tells a lot about the coin’s condition. Knowing just the grade will tell you everything. So getting the correct grade of your 190 silver dollar is a must.

If you are looking to get your silver dollar graded, it would be advised to get it through an expert. The expert would have a better look and know a lot about the coin and its feature. An expert won’t only provide you with an accurate grade but can provide a better valuation of your 1900 silver dollar.

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